Eddie Glaude On Texas And The Last Time Congress Quickly Passed Gun Control | Zerlina.

Eddie Glaude and Zerlina look back at how quickly Congress passed gun control when it came to policing Black bodies in the 60s. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. Power for powers sake…democrats, progressives , liberals , leftists … need to realize that cultural power is not enough you need majority pf elected officals and people in real power. Elections matter. Power matters. Unions matter. Rights matters…"wake up…how long not long because what you reap is what you sow" Rage Against the machine

  2. The republican party has been a group of racist people for years and. when it comes to gun control they will always vote no or block the vote entirely. the only way we can get gun control is by the president Biden sign an executive order to get it done!

  3. In 1964 Bill Clinton signed a bill banning assault weapons and the manufacturing of such. It expired a decade later and ever since the GOP has lined their pockets with millions of dollars from the NRA and gun manufacturers to thwart any legislation to prevent them from making profits. Money trumps lives every time with these death mongers!

  4. Those guns look scary, the military would laugh at them. They are not assault weapons they are rifles. Stop gaslighting the public and lock up criminals and invest in mental health care,stop ignoring the problem

  5. Kids are collateral damage in America, Our Rights under threat, like safe communities or making a decent living, are being denied, not by minorities, immigrants or socialists, they are being denied by the rich and powerful and their goon squads in the American media and the House of Representatives, where logic, definitely has a price.

  6. The reason gun strict gun laws were so easy to pass when the Black Panthers demonstrated. While not so much when a white person goes on a rampage is really a simple answer.
    The answer is, a guilty conscious. Combine that with Rethuglicon projection. Naturally you come up with "they might try to get revenge."

  7. What about all the innocent little kids killed in the crossfire of gang violence in Chicago (and many other inner cities)! 56 children were killed and 325 children were shot in Chicago just in 2020. (Source: Chicago 5 TV NBC). And the city with the toughest guns laws in the nation recorded 774 murders that year!

  8. Grandview of things it seems like this is genocide towards poor people we had a grid in Texas that didn't work and killed many many people we have open carry no background checks that are killing many many people we have shortages on multiple items that are necessity for people and the two common variables are Republicans executing their hidden agenda and poor people dying from Republicans hidden agenda from, undoubtably a FACT, laws Republicans pass or block… THEY SIGN IT!!

  9. Lol I knew it was going to be president Regan and the black Panthers. He and the NRA got scared shitless. They only act when they feel directly threatened.

  10. Thank you this needs to be more known. This is really telling, sad and revealing. Basically the GOP (now pandering and enabling the far right) only wants gun laws to be passed when they don't apply to White Nationalist Great Replacement nutjobs….

    "The country turns away from the fact that childern are dying… it's absolutely horrifying." Well said. This is completely insane. This is not normal for a 1st world nation and it may be time to stop thinking of America as a 1st world nation….

  11. Gun's should be a privileged EARNED . Even for a driver's license you have to get a driver's permit and an ADULT over 21 has to be in the vehicle with You. THEN you have to take a WRITTEN TEST AND A DRIVING TEST .
    YET all you have to do to get a gun is turn 18 🤔💭❔❔❔ Something NOT RIGHT HERE.

  12. That's all it takes, a fully armed minority organization advocating for gun right , and caring assault rifles , will scare the crab out of those Caucasian politicians, and definitely they will push for gun control and gun purchases laws change

  13. Of course they are not going to Pass any kind of Gun Control especially when the Rebels are planning on a Civil War. I don't know any other way to Pass something unless it is done by the DOJ, FBI or Homeland Security,

  14. Ask the question: how many dead children a year as a business-risk , 100, 1000, 2000? will the GOP tolerate before putting the question: ""What can we do against it"". And below that break even point: how many dead children they want to tolerate without that question? What is a GOP child worth in dollars?

  15. On 22 May 2017, an Islamist extremist suicide bomber detonated a shrapnel-laden homemade bomb as people were leaving the Manchester Arena following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Twenty-three people died, including the attacker, and 1,017 were injured, many of them children. Wikipedia

  16. REPEAL the 2nd Amendment
    Planned Parenthood isn’t killing children
    The NRA, republicans, and gun-nuts are killing children
    Instead of ‘prayers’ ‘condolences’ ‘RIP’ etc —- It’s time to take action
    REPEAL the 2nd Amendment

  17. Why do black Americans call themselves African Americans? You're not from Africa. You're not African American you're black American? A white person born in Africa and move to America, is African American.

  18. Gun restrictions, gun laws hurt the profits of gun manufacturers and dealers. Profits and “campaign” contributions, AKA legal bribes are way more important than human lives, including the lives of children…

  19. I do believe that you nailed it. The only love is for one's self and not for others ie to be "selfish". This is one of the major problems that will always hold us back.

  20. When the NRA headquarters becomes the next target and victims of a mass shooting that's when they will want gun reform as long as it happening everywhere else the NRA will never be in favor of gun reform. The executives of the NRA and their lobbyists are to blame.

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