"Downright Illegal": Congress On Rakesh Asthana Being Made Delhi Top Cop

Hitting out at the Centre over Gujarat-cadre IPS officer Rakesh Asthana’s appointment as the Delhi Police Commissioner, the Congress on Wednesday said it was in “direct contravention” of a Supreme Court judgment and asked whether any “quid pro quo” was involved. Rakesh Asthana, a senior IPS officer of the Gujarat cadre, was appointed the Commissioner of Delhi Police on Tuesday. He took charge as the Commissioner of Delhi Police Wednesday.

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  1. NDA-BJP is doing wrong with Kissans of its nation.
    Salute to Kissan Warriors who are struggling for 70% population of our country linked with agriculture.
    salute for Creating World history in agriculture sector.

  2. I guess this is purely returning favour for past help rendered to Modi by Rakesh Asthana while he was police official in Gujrath….tenure…before retairment fat perks packet for him to take home…you scratch my back….i scratch your back…hahaha….i love it hahaha…

  3. Bjp playing dirty politics with police institutions and spoiling democracy. To take revenge with farmers they want their puppet officers illegaly in control.

  4. He is most t corrupt ips officer, blue eyed boy of modi. Modi is behaving dictator. He is reward ed for being loyal dog for modi when modi was cm of Gujarat delhi people should protest and delhi police should come under delhi govt

  5. Its sarcasm of this government that the most corrupt IPS has been enjoying his liberty. Is this we call a governence and is this we call transparency?. A corrupt and criminal party likes corrupt and criminal leaders, corrupt and criminal ministers, corrupt and criminal beurocrats, in order to run the system, it's needed the whole system should be the same so as to mend according to it's own ways.

  6. would be fun to watch when so much vested powers in police force India will witness its first coup by them to political class. As it is the country is witnessing many unprecedented incidents marked as one of the firsts plus Indian citizens are happy with myanmar style dictatorship they need a rogue state to ruin their lives before they realise the freedom struggle by their ancestors was done to chase off such traitors

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