Donald Trump Suggests LeBron James Could Get A Sex Change To Compete Against Women

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  1. I think the breakfast club deliberately missed the point of what trump was saying They're not even allowed to speak on it

  2. That insecure twit.
    He probably offered his lady to LeBron and offended he was turned down. It fits his cluckhold role watching guys taking turns POUNDING his wife who OPENLY doesn’t respect him. No normal person would think, let alone say something like that.

  3. LeBron James was trafficking kids he may not know he was cause he is under MK Ultra but Trump ain't lying about this.

  4. Come on…if ANY black comedian would have said that Lebron joke it would be funny.
    Come on. He’s gone. The voters have spoken. We got a mentally declining back to politics as usual white liberal Democrat, and a VP that was unfit a few months before she got chose. You know they got you and you still stand on it. Obama was never going to do anything for anybody unless you were white and rich or gay, and especially gay.

  5. Seriously tho people don’t see that Trump accuratelymade a valid statement if Lebron wanted to be like these fruitcakes he could legally pay to have a sex change and compete against women and nobody sees anything wrong with that???

  6. I wonder what race is those boys!!🤔🤔 Cant believe anything these people says about any black person

  7. All this fame and fortune and these celebrities still wanna touch on kids. Then these kids turn into damaged adults that mess around with kids. God help

  8. Thats not what he meant he's talking about the whole movement where the trans women can compete in women sports…nothing against them but I think they shouldn't honestly …a women that identifies as a man can't play a man sports and win …..

  9. Bikini bottoms huh!!, Well, they are trying to promote the sport because they know sex in sports sells. Big props to those ladies for pushing back.

  10. Trump said it how he was supposed to say it… Didnt wanna bring a name up for controversy…. Yet everyone missed he said somone else said it….Moral of the story: When ppl dont like you…. You fucked

  11. BROOOO😂
    Remember the Chappelle joke where he said “what if lebron got a sex change”
    What if that’s who Trump referring to

  12. Pervs.. they want the women to dress “sexy” .. what year is this? No one wants to be digging wedgies out of their behinds every time they jump up!!!

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