DOJ Under Trump Sat On Tom Barrack Indictment: CNN Report

Rachel Maddow shares reporting from CNN that prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, under Richard Donoghue, were ready to move forward with the indictment of Donald Trump Inaugural Committee chairman Thomas Barrack but were held back.
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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore about how low and illegal the trump administration could go… They would, and DID, anything they could to help the orange turd stay in power.. They seriously need to all be investigated, indicted, charged, and convicted for treasonous crimes against the USA.

  2. Hmm, is it possible that some obstruction of justice was going on here? Of course, it was. Alas, there has been so much obstruction that America began to see it was business as usual for the GOP.

  3. Conspiracy? Search these words any one of them. We dare you.
    911 "terrorist attack" was an act of revenge perpetrated by the, UAE?
    BCCI Investigation, September 11 1991
    The U.S. House Banking committee shut down the ("Islamic Bank") BCCI, a bank related to First American Bank.
    Tom Barrack, ask him about that?

  4. Here's  a conspiracy theory
    911 "terrorist attack" was an act of revenge perpetrated by the, UAE?
    BCCI Investigation, September 11 1991
    The U.S. House Banking committee shut down the ("Islamic Bank") BCCI, a bank related to First American Bank.
    Tom Barrack, ask him about that?

  5. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced;
        their dishonor will never be forgotten.
    Lord Almighty, you who examine the righteous
        and probe the heart and mind,
    let me see your vengeance on them,
        for to you I have committed my cause.

    What kind of person do you choose to be
    As the footsteps of life race by?
    Never hold back your acts of love
    And compassion before you die.

    No one is born to make others suffer
    It’s something we learn along the way.
    Only by grace, prayer and repentance
    Can we overcome man’s mockery at play.

    All through history we’re born to struggle
    Enduring war, hate nature and disease.
    Since our first we have remained the same
    Serving goodness or evil as we please!

    Our world has always had its times of trial
    To teach who to follow, fight or forgive.
    The better we answer the needs of others
    The better we sleep, love, learn and live!

    By Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart
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    Google = Love War And More

  7. Yet another Trump associate gets arrested but people still believe that Trump had nothing to do with it or even knew about it.

  8. Next headline expected;

    Mr. Tom Barrack, gone with wind

    It will be such an embarrassment for US justice system.

  9. 250 million bail set by the judge !! The third highest ever !! Another MAGA criminal bites the dust……the Orangegutan is going to say: “ I never met him, never heard of him”

  10. Yes but…..if this guy had been charged and convicted while Trump was in office he would have just pardoned him. Maybe the delay was purposeful in that regard.

  11. I believe it when someone actually start doing time, starting with king of mob Trump the stable genius and the second coming. I used to believe where, if there's smoke there's fire? I no longer see it that way. No one is above the law? It's an illusion, it doesn't exist.

  12. Is that how this place works after 4 years of Trump? Just let the traitors and spy’s run free. What a bunch of Trump whipped morons.

  13. Serious question here guys.
    Do you all REALLY like hearing the SAME information from CNN/MSNBC over and over and over?
    It’s TRUMP 24/7!
    It’s obvious you’re all STILL hoping and praying EVERY DAY and NIGHT that Trump will EVENTUALLY be destroyed like they’ve been promising you…….
    For SIX YEARS!!!!!
    What about BIDEN?????
    Remember them??????

  14. It IS apparently a VERY BIG DEAL!!!!
    You have 400 videos on YouTube telling us the SAME stuff!!!!
    Over and over and over and over and over and over.
    When you eventually grow tired of reporting the same stories a million times each,
    Remember him????
    We’d LOVE to hear a report!

  15. I believe they waited this long and made no indications of their investigation because they didn't want Trump to pardon him. It makes it easier to flip someone when they do not have a get-out-of-jail-free card! JMO

  16. I wonder whether they held off, knowing that Trump would probably just pardon Barrack before he left office?

  17. I would like to think they waited for the new administration so The Orange Sphincter could not pardon the criminal in question.

  18. Barrack's actions on behalf of the UAE are linked to the blockade of Qatar that was so egregious and perplexing to observers. This case is going to reveal high level corruption. Jared Kushner perhaps?

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