1. Trump led for the people despite the excrement lying to undermine the people … best President of my lifetime hands down … Putin knew better. Trump is a negotiator by nature, Biden is an uninformed follower… if I was Putin, the time has never been better than now – window of opportunity with such ignorance and incompetence in the White House. I’m truly embarrassed … but I’m also angry we allowed this by getting hoodwinked and lied to … the media one way or another has to be blown up – I find it hard to believe what they have done isn’t criminal and they need to pay for it – I want yours and my tax dollars back wasted on Mueller nonsense and more and the disregard for fair elections

  2. Because Putin knew Trump would bomb Moscow 💣 if he made any moves against Ukraine while Trump was in the White House. TRUMP IS INNOCENT OF ANY COLLUSION! That's totally the crimes of Killary, Sussman, DNC!

  3. Must like the American. A foot taller can be measured.
    Won't drink but still knock your head off.
    Putin knows a challenge, that's why he'd try to make them without making amends.
    Actually there are many people like that.
    Persuasive but not passive.
    Commerce sucks. I like treachery! Get your teet on with Trump.

  4. Never doesn't always mean know as it will be.
    Gotta knock off them socks. ✌
    Gory to the free world and pick up all stragglers along the way.
    Sorry if you get taken off along the way.
    Should we all fly higher or even the camber.
    And the nation's of pride that pride not condecend. Join without humility and take turn. It's always your turn to keep striving. Great feats are delivered not sent.

  5. A truly silly tabloid report with 'information' which is outdated and mostly wrong.
    You don't mention Nato and the war in the Ukraine once… why not?
    Trump was going to pull out of NATO and rightly so. This would have resulted in no American missiles deployed near the Ukrainian Russian Border.
    In more recent times, the Ukrainian Clown President gave concessions to the US, which in turn caused Putin to fear for the borders to his country.

    The reason why Putin and Trump had such a good accord was Trump is a straight-talker who makes decisions and acts and under Trump this whole mess with Ukraine would never have taken place.

    Putin did NOT wait for Biden to become POTUS in order to defend his country, he took action BECAUSE of Biden's stupid decisions.

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