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  2. What kind of season do you have, everyday?!

    You are being destroyed in a cruel way that is incomparable with Sodom and Gomorrah and you are being destroyed. More than your crimes.

    It's being robbed and destroyed beyond compare. They are being destroyed by the slaughter and abuse of murder and are dying in pain more than hell. on and on.

    That's the truth.

    You are committing a crime by concealing a crime. The calamity of punishment is proof of that.

  3. Mongolia has carried out terrorist attacks using coronavirus biological and chemical weapons around the world, killing 4,000,000 people, disrupting the health of millions and disrupting the international economy! and Mongolia, in collaboration with meteorologists, is killing people and damaging the economy through natural disasters such as lightning, earthquakes, torrential rains and floods! The last two examples are the floods in the European Union and China. Mongolia needs to compete with the rest of the world on the right path of development! Mongolia warns to stop terrorism and sabotage!

  4. The german goverment failed the people and its still failing, trying to slow down help for those affected. The only use it as a PR for global warming and dont do anything. Only farmers and trade people are helping, they organize everything bring their own equipment at their own costs, burn fuel, bring supplies and barley sleep, while the goverment isnt doing anything at all.

  5. You know, I was asked what do I really think about our US 🇺🇸 STOCKMARKET.
    My truth is this, it saddens me to know that our Stockmarket is being ran by such simple minded individuals.

    Sincerely ,


    Today the Stockmarket is looking a little unusual but there's nothing to fear if you're on both sides of your trade .

    Option Day Traders,
    1to3 months expiration time, is how the Day Trading Game is played in 2021.

    If you've been unsuccessful with your trading, try rethinking your approach.
    The next time you trade and your Broker gets hell bent on taking your money 💰, just have a friend place a trade in your opposite direction and see how that works out.

    it's so simple, I wonder why so many trades are losing. I mean, it's like boxing , you have to avoid being hit, so you learn to weave and bobb.

    Think of me, as a coach and take heed!

    Peace ✌ OG-RB……


    I have some good news to share with you. Today I followed The Legendary Warren Buffett advice, when it comes to stocks. He has often quoted buy when everyone in the Stockmarket is fearful and Sell when everyone is greedy 🙄

    Are now included in my list, which also include AMC ,GME, CLOV and of course my usual AAPL, TSLA, COIN & SPCE

    This is why the Stockmarket is down over 900 points and CNBC or anyone else isn't calling it a crash.
    Simply put, they are hard at work trying to defeat, the undefeatable and undisputable, yep you gest it 👍

    OG Reggie B .


    Are still very much under my influence and control as you all can plainly see from their performance.

    Now my Brother's and Sisters of all Nationalities, background and color.
    I'd like to address some of your concerns expressed to me in the comment sections.

    To begin with, many of you fear 😨 red days like today in the Stockmarket because of your miseducation about the stockmarket.

    So, first let me try and put you in the right frame of mind about how the Stockmarket really works.
    As we all know by now, it's manipulated only a daily basis and that's just a fact.

    With that said, understand this, it wouldn't work for them, without you guys as victims. So, stop being victimized and open your mind to new concepts about how the stockmarket really works.

    It all starts and stop with a False Narrative being promoted by the many online Trading Educators. They tell what to do and how to do it. After that, manipulating you and the Stockmarket is the easy part for them.

    If you really want to win in the Stockmarket, stop being lead to slaughter and re-educate yourself. Start by understanding what I'm expressing to you now.

    All successful traders are always on both sides of their trade hedging, in some form or another. So the next time you trade, you might want to consider my setup.

    I trade with options and invest with stocks.
    My option setup beings with a Delta 0.50 positive and a Delta -0.50 Negative. This puts me on both sides of my trade equally from the very start.
    Because the Deltas moves when the stock moves, one will eventually appreciate in value and the other will depreciate in value, thereby living you with one as a winner every time.
    Just remember, that real Day Traders are trading options, with one to three month expiration time. Not Day to Day, like the miseducators have taught most of you.

    Let today, be the beginning of you winning . A Red day, will pay like a Green Day when on both sides of the trade.
    Try it, before you knock it.

    Remember where you heard it first,
    OG Reggie B.

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