Deposition Transcript Reveals Trump Fear Of Flying Fruit

Rachel Maddow shares a bizarre transcript from a deposition taken from Donald Trump in a civil case in which protesters are suing him for rough treatment at the hands of security outside of Trump Tower, in which a lawyer explores Trump’s unusual preoccupation with the possibility of being injured or killed by a thrown piece of fruit. 
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  1. How long the government I have to take all the bull crap it’s been for so long the government it normal powere no more lol the movie listen the more it will help the more it really sick to my stomach did United States know have a law know I have a plastic you can get away with everything tell me one thing he is guilty I was pretty sad everybody look at United said it like another country no power weakness people get away with sorry to say that

  2. He talks and speaks like a child from the 7th grade. No wonder his educational records all sealed. He claims to be a genius, then show us your educational records, Mister genius.

  3. You say you're not smart enough to say something like that, but you don't need to because, we all know there's only one person dumb enough to say it, and try to use it as a defence in court.

  4. WOW: Do to climate change tomatoes aren't
    wat they used to be. However eggs are more arrow dynamic and wen
    injected ,that void, with a
    little color , are more memorable. Of course ,
    leaving the egg in a CHICKEN ,to throw makes more mess. Ovaries / tomatoes / fruit Arkansas
    taxation ..

  5. This man is a certifiable wacko!! Incoherent and nonsensical. I really want to laugh but it is sad that he was actually a President and the threat of him running again is scary.

  6. Maybe if he gets hit by a tomato, he melts like the Wicked Witch of the West. That's why he drowns his steaks in ketchup. Get revenge on their mothers, ya know?

  7. Msnbc REALLY scraping that barrel so they bore a hole through it! Unbelievable. Trump is NOT the president, right? Apparently he still is. Jesus. You people are insane. Enjoy the biden economy!

  8. Trump had credible information that they were going to do jackfruit – they were going to throw jackfruit at him. And that's very dangerous stuff🤣

  9. "To market, to market with my brother Jim,
    When somebody threw a tomato at him.
    Tomatoes are soft and they don't bruise the skin,
    But this one killed Jim. It was wrapped in a tin."

  10. How to respond when someone attacks you with a Banana…What about a pointed Stick? -Monte Python in real LIFE, and the POTUS(/)! Do John Cleese and Eric Idle get royalties?

  11. The entire family has twisted minds. This is an example of what they do…
    “Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn't mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don't go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.”

    Ivanka Trump, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life

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