COVID restrictions tighten across Europe as case numbers soar | DW News

There’s a growing public backlash as governments in several European countries tighten coronavirus restrictions. In the Netherlands, more than 130 people have been arrested during three days of unrest. Coronaviruses cases there are setting new records. A week ago the government imposed western Europe’s first partial lockdown since the summer.
Austria has gone back into national lockdown – the first country in Europe to reimpose such a harsh measure as a winter wave of COVID-19 infections rolls across the continent.
On Sunday tens of thousands turned out in the capital Vienna to protest against the lockdown. Now, Christmas markets, bars, restaurants and most shops have closed. For at least the next ten days, people can only leave their homes for essential reasons.
With COVID-19 cases also soaring in places like neighboring Germany, Europe is facing a winter of toughening restrictions.


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  1. " we don't need another lock down , we don't need any more vaccines…we need a new GOVERNMENT!" Best line in history

  2. The journalist didnt respond the question about the constitution in Austria! If it is legal to force vaccination. Is it?

  3. Covid passport is the main reason for increased spreading. Sick people are just living normally and partying with their passports, of course it's gonna spread. 🤦

  4. The government asks for a 1 metre of slack when it comes to these issues, with promises they will give it back, but in reality a few months later they ask for more

  5. the accurate headline: Protests against the tyrannical Covid-1984 restrictions increase in number and in intensity as restrictions become more onerous yet again

  6. First of all no force-vaccination,only promote it for danger-groups and the elderly.
    2)raise taxes for tabbaco alcohol and junk food.Bad health and habits is far more dangerous than not getting a 'vaccine'witch we cant be sure of it's effects.
    3)Promote exercise, unprossesed foods and organic cultivation,which naturally boosts the immune system.
    4)Rapid tests and masks yes,but no daily dose of fear.
    5)Letting the virus run its course,espessially to the young,its the best long term solution.The dieseses of asia africa and europe devestated the native americans,but by that point,other populations had a high survival rate,even to far worse viruses than covid

    Just the humble opinion of a simple Greek

  7. As Marie Antoinette said "let them eat Covid." If the protestors want the long term consequences of unprotected covid infection then let them have it. Once you age and your telomeres start to unravel and your immune system no longer works so great that previous covid infection perhaps returns as lung cancer. Or the complications from long haul covid return with a vengeance. Who knows.

    The virus doesn't care about your feelings and rights.

  8. "Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States"
    A study to look up!

  9. one question: who are we doing this for? if its the vaccinated: what was the point of pushing vaccines and getting vaccinated?? if its the unvaccinated: everyone whos not vaccinated by now has made a choice to not get the shot. if its for the people who cant get vaccinated for medical reasons: those wouldnt be safe anyway and i dont see how shutting down half the country for 5% of the population (at most) makes any sense. none of this makes any sense. they say "follow the science" but if you did, lockdowns wouldnt be the result.

  10. Is it lockdown fatigue or are people just sick of governments trying to force a dangerous experimental drug that obviously doesn't work very well and is potentially harmful?

  11. Wearing masks in public would have reduced the spread dramatically. Instead our governments chose to reward those who took the vaccine by allowing them to move around freely without masks. Big mistake

  12. punishing the normal people with LOCKDOWN AND vaccinating and QR,EASY HE… the whole problem is the Virus,day in day out… who decide THİS world wide, WEF,WHO… give the real punishment ONLY to them AND their counsulors…

  13. Even though cases are higher in Florida here I enjoy the freedom! If I get sick I have an immune system God created!

  14. The Republic of Ireland has a 'fully vaccinated' percentage-rate, currently running at over 90%, and yet, that jurisdiction also, is growning under the strain of another wave of infection. Can somebody explain to me how the two [ above ] facts can coexist, if the vaccine(s) are truly as efficacious as the media, and the medical-experts, would have us believe..?

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