COVID restrictions tighten across Europe as case numbers soar | DW News

There’s a growing public backlash as governments in several European countries tighten coronavirus restrictions. In the Netherlands, more than 130 people have been arrested during three days of unrest. Coronaviruses cases there are setting new records. A week ago the government imposed western Europe’s first partial lockdown since the summer.
Austria has gone back into national lockdown – the first country in Europe to reimpose such a harsh measure as a winter wave of COVID-19 infections rolls across the continent.
On Sunday tens of thousands turned out in the capital Vienna to protest against the lockdown. Now, Christmas markets, bars, restaurants and most shops have closed. For at least the next ten days, people can only leave their homes for essential reasons.
With COVID-19 cases also soaring in places like neighboring Germany, Europe is facing a winter of toughening restrictions.


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