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It’s Saturday 17 July 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Fully jabbed travellers returning to England and Wales from France will still have to quarantine from Monday.

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  1. Humans are consumerist rats , have destroyed earth, contaminated air, water and soil, they are not owners of earth resources, supraminds are looking after the planet earth right now, humans have cross the red line of selfdestruction. Gaia

  2. Hahaha!… "Flu all but disappeared last winter…" It was almost as if we re-branded it… flu deaths vanished… and every single death was apparently covaids. Wait…

  3. Oh, Charlie… bags under the eyes my man? Something keeping you up at night? All that gaslighting must be taking its toll. Don't worry, the noose awaits (Nuremberg)

  4. Whod'a thunk it!! ANOTHER incentive to get the jabaroo! Wow! This virus is soooo deadly… you'd think innoculation would be enough… but no!… travel incentives, free donuts, association with David Walliams!…

    I was hesitant… because I'd heard something about the horrible side-effects, likelihood of sterility/death… but I don't have to quarantine AND I can go to the pub??!!! SOLD!!!

  5. Amazing that you sheep don't know that you can still catch and transmit virus after vaccination. So why do it? Because government says to…..No Thanks.

  6. 43% of Positive PCR tests would have been negative at 35 cycles amplification. 90% of positives at 40 cycles would have been negative at 30 cycles. What amplification does the UK test at?
    its 45 cycles. Is this why there are so many positive cases?

  7. Here are the ones that, in my opinion, constitute the salient points of the "pandemic", in Italy and in other countries, starting from the end of 2019 until today:

    1) Spread of the virus from the city of Wuhan, but not from the fish market;

    2) Wrong indications of the WHO on the nature and danger of the virus, which have deceived most of the nations, except some;

    3) Increase in mortality due to incorrect treatments practiced in all countries, caused primarily by the lack of autopsies, which would have revealed that the cause of deaths was not attributable to interstitial pneumonia, but to pulmonary thromboembolism and other degenerations of the cardio-circulatory system;

    4) Further increase in mortality due to the fact that some cures against Covid, both in hospital and at home, were rejected by the Ministry of Health and by AIFA without valid justifications, pending the thaumaturgical power of the upcoming anticovid vaccines;

    5) Indiscriminate lockdowns based almost exclusively on the results of fallacious PCR swabs, which, with the wrong equation "positive" = "contagious", represented the main means of coercion and isolation of citizens, and contributed to the destruction of the economic and social status of the various countries;

    6) Lastly, since the news is very recent, a factor that has contributed to the mortality, namely the almost certain chimerical nature of the virus, which has prolonged the duration of the epidemic with variations and should lead to an agreement infamous between the US and China to close the issue of the Asian giant's responsibility for the spread of the virus;

    7) Use of experimental anticovid vaccines, which, instead of preventing the virus and its variants, have caused numerous deaths due to the probable ADE phenomenon, also by virtue of the denied chimerical nature of SarsCov2;

    Apart from my personal considerations, I have collected news and studies on all the points listed above, which I can also send to those interested in learning more about the whole subject.

  8. The U.K. government needs a geography lesson! The high Beta variant has been identified in La Réunion which is a French territory IN THE INDIAN OCEAN! The figures for Metropolitan France (I.e. European France) are 9% …. less than the U.K.!!!!!!!
    Good grief! 🥴😵‍💫🥴

  9. A real refugee is supposed to go to the first safe country. This is international law.Why are they allowed to cross the whole of Europe to come to Britain? They should be returned immediately to that first safe country. These people are not refugees they are NOT economic migrants.

  10. A real refugee is supposed to go to the first safe country. This is international law.Why are they allowed to cross the whole of Europe to come to Britain? They should be returned immediately to that first safe country. These people are not refugees they are NOT economic migrants.

  11. Hello. We live in difficult times. Are you preparing for Jesus' return? He warned us that he would return to fetch those who love him for his kingdom. A new abode where there will be no crying, no death, no pain, a place prepared for those who believe in Christ and are purified in the blood and teachings of the Most High. The signs of the approaching of his return are before us: "Then he said unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; And there shall be great earthquakes, and famines, and pestilences in divers places; great signs from heaven."(lc21.10,11). Pray. Read the Bible. Give your life to Jesus. He will be back soon. You are loved by God. 🙏

  12. Who wants to go to France anyway. Let them keep the tourists away and take their loses!
    They make the rules up as they go along. It's everyone for themselves now.

  13. Après avoir lu l'Apocalypse

    Il existe des arguments spécifiques en faveur d'une vaccination mondiale :

    Vous serez un laboratoire de nouvelles mutations super virulentes développées à l'échelle de l'ensemble de la population humaine par la puissance d'un "hôpital" mondial officiel afin qu'elles soient résistantes même aux immunités humaines et animales saines et aux médicaments biologiques naturels et synthétiques.

    Vous passerez des vacances paisibles car personne ne vous empêchera de répandre de nouvelles super mutations dans le monde.

    Vous aurez plus de liberté de bons contacts et un éventuel confinement officiel pourrait ne pas s'appliquer à vous.

    Les vaccins sont encore nécessaires pour une dernière pandémie mondiale réussie dans le monde.

    Le niveau de vaccination dans la société joue un rôle clé dans la dernière vague de la super variante ultime – les experts actuels le savent.

    Il y a encore de nombreuses personnes dans divers pays qui n'ont pas pu ou n'ont pas choisi de recevoir des vaccins mondiaux.
    Il existe de nombreux arguments pour changer d'avis. En plus des problèmes de santé, ils concernent également le confort et la liberté officiellement contrôlés.

    Indirectement, l'effet de la vaccination s'étend également à d'autres personnes vaccinées et non vaccinées, et à celles qui ne peuvent pas se faire vacciner pour des raisons de santé, mais aussi, par exemple, aux jeunes enfants.

    Un niveau suffisamment élevé de vaccination de la société sera un moyen de protection naturel contre l'arrêt du processus global de super mutation.

    Afin de vaincre l'immunité naturelle de la communauté du troupeau, il est nécessaire qu'un nombre suffisant de personnes se fassent vacciner et que les vaccinés échangent leurs super versions le plus souvent possible et les transmettent librement aux non vaccinés, pour qu'enfin cette super version globale soit créé, pour lequel des milliards de malades – vaccinés sont nécessaires et non vaccinés.

  14. Propaganda from the devil trying to manipulate our life's trying to brainwash the people this evils devil demonic trying to put that evil vaccine the fellfy vaccine in our body. Devil is trying so hard to destroy the human rights our life's. Don't believe wake up people before is over. May God help us Jesus Christ is my vaccine is the only one who can help us God bless.

  15. There are paid Government Agents in the comment the sections..

    They literally ALWAYS have the last word and can spend HOURS debating you and reitterating the OFFICIAL narritive.

  16. Love was a man who was nailed through his hands and feet into a cross before that he was whipped and wore a crown of thorns, he committed no crime or sin,but his blood was paid to use for our sins, his name is Jesus Christ! Do you know him? †
    He loves you so very much! 🤍☁️

    Jesus Loves You, Don’t Forget To Pray! He Is Here To Help You! cast All Your burdens to him! He cares. I Hope You Have An Amazing Day 🖤🙌🏻

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