Court filings reveal what Trump is trying to keep secret from Congress

Specifics about former President Donald Trump’s efforts to keep secret the support from his White House for overturning his loss of the 2020 election were revealed in late-night court filings that detail more than 700 pages of handwritten notes, draft documents and daily logs his top advisers kept related to January 6.
The National Archives outlined for the first time in a sworn declaration what Trump wants to keep secret.
And the US House has told a federal court that Trump has no right to keep confidential more than 700 documents from his presidency, citing a committee’s need to reconstruct Trump’s efforts to undermine the 2020 election and his actions on January 6.
The court filings are in response to a lawsuit Trump brought nearly two weeks ago in which he is attempting to block congressional investigators from accessing hundreds of pages of records they requested from the National Archives, which inherited Trump’s presidential papers. The House presents itself as in agreement with the Biden administration, in an unusual show of inter-branch alignment, to oppose Trump.
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  2. When is Trump going to take a polygraph for diseasing America with kushner when is he going to take a polygraph with a European Union if he's not taking a polygraph does that mean he's involved with diseasing America 😷🤡🇺🇸 Trump is diseasing our Stars on our American flag we are losing stars on American flag with his banks in New York newspaper company of kushner diseasing New York and replacing it with Jews Trump's on TV talking about a Jerusalem capital to replace the courtroom for him diseasing America and his space force Jerusalem Intel in Jerusalem

  3. Why are they looking at documents??? The world saw what was happening online. If it was a black guy…bruh he would've gotten locked up soon as he stepped off the stage. America is racist asf.

  4. Alert – no update from DOJ Garland and this is a national emergency!

    DOJ failed the American people! it's up to the brave states to punish Trump.

    Approximately 700 low level arrests made, but still no major arrest for seditious conspiracy leaders. The disgraced former president Trump, Trumps chief of staff and a gang of congressional members in the House and Senate who continue to conspired to undermine American democracy.

    we know prosecutors need to create their narrative for a conviction and now we have it. where is the accountability for the following –

    1. meadows doesnt appear in front of commission that is contempt of congress….why doj wont arrest him is unethical. he didn't appear, what more evidence is needed? !!……DOJ Failed

    2. "hang mike pence" that is a criminal threat……DOJ Failed
    3. offering pardons that is witness tampering……DOJ Failed
    4. inciting violence Jan 6 thats a crime……DOJ Failed

    5. ToiletGate – trump destroying government documents and taking secret documents home after losing his job! now the question should be how many boxes did he take versus the 15 that were recovered. trump took more boxes. see presidential records act for details of the law he violated.

    6. interfering with elections thats a crime……DOJ Failed

    7. contempt of congress thats a crime……DOJ Failed
    8. fake electors thats a crime their foot soldiers committed ……DOJ Failed

    9. kelly ward and spouse and others, impersonating as government electors even after Barr and Pence said one could not do that……DOJ Failed

    10. Jeffrey Clark – co-conspirator for trying to weaponized the department of justice to overturn the election

    11. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act applies to what Trump did.

    By summer time, Georgia is entering phase 2 of their prosecution efforts for election interference…… how slow. The earliest arrests will take place is towards the end of the year? !!

    12. also, what about enforcing the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States? get rid of Cawthorn under section 3 of the 14th Amendment

    13. muller prosecution……DOJ Failed…. statue of limitation expired!
    14. New York is making progress and will speak with Trump under oath…. hopefully by April. Go New York!

    now the committee says the big reveal has been done and all politicians should disvove Trump. is that all the committee will give us? what about arresting those for contempt of Congress…. they can do that now!

    Will a jury convict? Yes, there is so much evidence that a jury will convict! If a prosecutor is worried about a jury conviction, then just pile on a ton of viable charges and do a plea deal…..but they must plead guilty for the deal!

    Why is Garland not acting on this or at least he should be giving us a status report?

    Also, we have to watch out for some Governors in 2024 probably wanting to submit fake lists of electoral voters to change to results of the election if it doesn't go their way

  5. Let’s not pick a choose which documents or videos are to be released! I pretty sure the democrats were behind the actual surge on the Capitol again let’s show all the videos👍

  6. What is amazing is the fact that Trump has many supporters amongst the Republican Party…this speaks volumes to character. I think the American people are on to them and hopefully they are in the majority and will be able to do something about these despicable people.

  7. I can’t believe all this hype about January 6 riot at the Capital. No word on 570 plus riots where 90% of the arrests, were dismissed. The demonstrations that followed Floyd’s death devolved into riots that often included looting, violence and destruction. In one case, protests carried on for more than 100 days. Bottom line, if you committed crimes, you should be prosecuted. Vice President Harris approved this violence and actually set up a bond fund for those criminals. Where is the fair justice in equal prosecution of criminals?

  8. You always HAVE an as- holds in America. But they hid and it kept secret until the arrival of Trump a (gang)ster proud to let the 🌎 know he is a gangster he can go out on fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. The street gangs do not go and attack the innocent. They protect themselves against other gang members from invading their tuff
    Trump ordered his gang members to attract the people house, his house where many of his wishes was law. He became a lawless President tried to throw the constitution the fabric of our democracy in the swamp so that he remained President. By doing so Trump would have been a tyrant. Absolute his ruler. This is why he started the big lie which Republicans except Liz Cheney and a couple more decent Republicans not as brave as she know Trump is lying. BUT cowards like Mitchell, McCarthy, Jim Jordan speaking out both
    sides of his mouth is disgrace. These old men on Capitol Hill decades before Trump is making a fool out of them. Only Liz Cheney is brave enough to speak truth about Trump. They are trying to Strip her of her position. How wicked of the Republicans to yield to Trump against
    Liz Cheney. When Trump begin campaigning for a second term she should run against him. Both names on the on the ballot vote one. Every democrat should shed her name instead of Trump. The ballots have all who are running. Democrats and Republicans on Same ballot. She could win with the help of democrats vote.

  9. Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978. Establishes public ownership of all Presidential records and defines the term Presidential records.
    Requires that Vice-Presidential records be treated in the same way as Presidential records.
    Places the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent Presidential records with the President.
    Requires that the President and his staff take all practical steps to file personal records separately from Presidential records.
    Allows the incumbent President to dispose of records that no longer have administrative, historical, informational, or evidentiary value, once the views of the Archivist of the United States on the proposed disposal have been obtained in writing.
    Establishes in law that any incumbent Presidential records (whether textual or electronic) held on courtesy storage by the Archivist remain in the exclusive legal custody of the President and that any request or order for access to such records must be made to the President, not NARA.
    Establishes that Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.

    Establishes a process


  11. Donald trump is to stupid to have been successful in overthrowing our government he is just another dumb organized crime boss and must be prosecuted and punished for treason and crimes against our democracy this has to be the end for this monster

  12. Biden Compared 1/6 to 9/11 and Pearl harbour!! What a direct insult to all the victims and their families of these two “real” colossal events. BLM riots are the correct comparison not the single worst acts of mass murder and war. You realise how many people died as a result of the BLM riots? 25! Not to mention the costs to repair public property and the costs to businesses that were looted.. That was absolutely disgusting.

    What else?

    -Can’t even pass an infrastructure bill
    -Clearly unwell and senile
    -All-time high in crime nationally. 2021 most homicides ever in history
    -Evidence of him and his son doing backhand deals – not to mention the quid pro quo with Ukraine. No surprise Russia sniffing around the border getting ready to invade
    -vaccine mandate will be rejected by high court
    -Hunters lap top
    -Afghanistan embarrassment – abandoning your allies like rats. The people who have stood by the US through thick and think. Dog act!
    -Inflation the worst in 40 years
    -Can’t remember the Australian prime minister name
    -Killed power Independence
    -Ruined relations with France over submarines deal
    -Russian border about irrupt into war and are likely to invade Ukraine & Kazakhstan
    -The US Mexican border is a humanitarian crisis
    -Covid completely unmanaged – no testing kits and new heights of infection
    -Chicago education collapse
    -No follow up on the origin / cause of Covid? Who is accountable for this global mess.
    -China about to invade Taiwan

    Sadly this president and friends have acted on trump derangement syndrome rather than the greater good for Americans and the world. It’s just sad. That 1/6 insurrection speech was purely political and divisive. He’s a clown!

    No one takes this guy (Biden) seriously, he’s dodgy and senile as China and Russia to push their agendas forward knowing American can’t and won’t do anything about it. Biden is weak and so is America while he is in the white-house.

    All you Trump deranged democrats – compare Biden’s score sheet to Trump. CNN can’t re-engineer those facts.

    So ironic, the dems fabricated this Russian collusion none sense and completely screwed the government in doing so. Now, yes now.. The Russians are invading and Biden is turning a blind eye. We all know the democrats are the real criminals but constantly use smoke and mirrors to deflect their misdeeds.

    The only thing Biden has done is reverse Trump policy when they were the best things going for the US. Go figure???

    How are you not embarrassed? Denial? Trump derangement?

  13. The court needs to step up and get these records to the Congressional committee investigating Trump's treasonous acts and all the people involved on the coup attempt.

  14. These daily records should be in the public domain as trump is supposed to serve the country not himself. Hand it all over, you lost and you're a sore, corrupt loser.

  15. CNN WHAT HAVE YOU KEPT SECRET? After all yopay no attention to the fact that the democrats stole the election. You know CNN overthrowing a government is a treasonous crime. Have you seen the audit results of the blue states since 11/3? Maybe it is time you start studying your true friend Biden and Hunter.

  16. They n.v eed to lock that sib up.he hff as been getting away with so much shit like he is above the law ir people are afraid to arrest his ass.thus man is a conman bully cheat and criminal.noone who cals rhemselves a president has gitten away with look lying and inciting violence causing 5 to be killed and over 100 to be injured.he may as well have killed those people himself.stop pacifying this idiot and lock his ass up.

  17. Donald Trump wants to hide all the evidence that shows that he planned and sent the terrorist to the capital building and told them to kill mike pence and to. fight and kill capital police this was all done by Donald Trump and the republicans party to overthrow our government don’t let them get away with this remember jan 6

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