Congress works to avert government shutdown with stopgap funding bill

Congressional lawmakers are working to pass a bill to fund the government ahead of a midnight deadline and avoid a government shutdown. CBS News congressional correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports on that and other key issues, including suspending the nation’s debt, infrastructure and social spending. Molly Hooper, host of podcast “Article One,” and Zeke Miller, White House reporter for The Associated Press, join CBSN AM to discuss.

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  1. To destroy the States from within. First you take over the education system, then next is the media. You groom and bribe the globalist politicians, dismantle the family unit, introduce mass immigration, plan a pandemic, and finally destroy the economy.

  2. In the nick of time…. but waited until the last minute… do these idiots realize that they deliberately waited until last minute since they don't need any votes from Republicans to have passed it? Pelosi literally does this type of crap out of spite for Republicans, in order to try to make it seem like it's never her fault or the fault of Democrats? She gambles with the lives of the American people, in order to push her ridiculous BS! She's a complete joke!

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  4. Our infrastructure is better now than it has ever been ! So why ad debt and continue to devalue our dollar? I remember when gas was 5 gallons for a dollar I remember when hamburger was 5 lbs for a dollar. I remember when a 2 bedroom home in the SF bay area was $9,000. Now $450,000! WTH? Quit spending money that our Nation does not have ! Childish fiscal irresponsibility only benefits our enemies! Make America Strong again

  5. Why didn't these "news people" mention the fact that just the defense budget alone is $7 trillion? That's $700 billion X 10 years = $7 trillion? When they're talking about legislation that actually helps the average American, you get the "10 year total" but when they're talking about handouts to large corporations (that pay little or no taxes) like defense, you get the "one year total". News people are really not this dumb now, right? I guess this means they are intentionally doing this? If so, why?

  6. Shut it down and leave it shut down. Most Americans don't need the Federal Government and the sooner they find that out, the better.

  7. She is a lier Nancy polsi lies … It's all for immergants not our citizens. They need to help us citizens who are hurting SSDI disabled people social security disabled seniors

  8. People don't need all of the 3.5 it's waste ful and us citizens are hurting SSDI disabled people. Can't get basic needs nessity met

  9. Republican RHINOS are in to help the Democrats passing through the Bill and win the next election. 🙄

  10. For new investors, getting started can feel overwhelming. Risks loom large, and complicated, unfamiliar financial jargon can be intimidating.

  11. Gop terrorist sympathizers spent 8 trillion with white nationalist trump in office but won’t budge on this. Hey but keeping voting for Gop terrorist

  12. 10 Moderate Democrat Senators are now voting NO on any Bill to either keep the HOR current spending levels or any Debt ceiling increase, this gives the Republicans a "Defacto Super Majority" in the Senate !!! The Bill that they send to Piglosi today will be just too fund the Government until Dec. 3,2021 and emergency aid for the recent disasters , if Piglosi does not bring this Bill too the floor of the House today or if the AOC Commiecrats torpedo it ! Then at 12:00 a.m. Oct.1, 2021 the Government will shut down completely until they do !!!

  13. The government spends to much money buying votes instead of doing what's best for the country. We have a 28 trillion GDP, how does a country with this much income get into these kind of problems. American citizens have no one to blame except themselves.


  15. before Newt Gingrich and his 10 point CONTRACT WITH AMERICA the parties compromised and government worked.

    Reagan conservatism was the beginning of the end of America
    then Gingrich killed it

  16. But the Democrats want a bill that is so large no one has time to read what’s in it. Biden’s son probably has something in it for him and of course gender identity issues being taught in schools. There’s probably a hundred things that’s in there that citizens would want thrown out. The Bill to just keep government running in part is the IOU’s from S.S. that Congress borrowed decades ago. They say S.S. has money until 2030 but it’s all in IOU’s. Has anyone heard that it’s all been paid back? The boomers that paid into it are retiring now so the money has to be paid back now, otherwise the government defaults. There not going to stop the retirement checks so the government workers have to be laid off. Don’t know if they pay into S.S. But if they do, just kicking the can down the road…again!

  17. Why is it OK to spend billions of $ to help foreign countries and not ok to spend money to help your own country and people?

  18. REPUBLICANS!: STOP YOUR BORROWING (buy now pay later aka: credit card usage)
    You are to blame for this crisis! Have the GUTS not to ever run for office again if you cannot pay off the NATIONAL DEBT,

  19. Shut it down they don’t care about the people anymore anyway maybe it the government’s shutdown for 9 months they won’t get a check.

  20. Yeah, 3.5T bill has a provision to fine businesses 700k for having A unvax'd worker but if an business accident occurs an Employee dies they only award 12.5 k. Such hypocrisy! So much for helping the working class 🤔🤯

  21. It seems like time that reconciliation needs to go; reconciliation has been used quite divisively over the years in the name of good intentions with massive consequences. Democrats pushed the Affordable Care Act through reconciliation and wanted to use it to push immigration policies; if things are that good for the country you should be able to convince 2/3s of the legislature or it probably shouldn’t be passed. If everything is “paid for” why does the debt ceiling need to be increased? I’m a libertarian and for smaller government; every government shutdown has shown just how much waste their is as life goes on without issue. Let’s shut it down again and this time not just pay everyone over the shutdown period for not working as governmental workers already make multiple times more money per year than private sector workers. Enough with the spending there is still over a trillion unspent from all the Covid bills let’s freeze everything new for a while and see how things settle out.

  22. A country made up hardworking people, is represented and run by people with a tribal mentality and the timeliness of a high schooler turning in a book report at the last minute.

  23. These people do absolutely nothing for us Americans! They are so out of touch with reality 40-50 plus years in politics they probably never even had a real job!

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