Congress Was Confused by the Internet During Hearing With Google CEO | NowThis

Congress having no idea how the internet works, part II.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai was brought in for a hearing with members of Congress about political bias in search results. But as the hearing went on, Congress members including Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rep. Steve King, and Rep. Steve Cohen have no idea how the Internet and technology works. They asked about movement tracking, political bias in search results, how Donald Trump’s image became associated with a search of the word ‘idiot,’ unrelated issues with the iPhone, manipulating search, an online school, and more.

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  1. ??? It mustl be different times. I could even get a pet or liberty to do or have the rights or freedom

  2. Wait, who is we??? U STILL did not answer my first question …what are u taking about??? ARE U TRYING TO CONFUSE ME

  3. Google's political bias is stunningly obvious. Edward Snowden already confirmed they do know where you are at all times. These are not idiots, these are people fighting for your privacy and for free speech. Wow, these comments. Clueless libs.

  4. The most of people are common people and with a normal brain, so we could elected some of stupid pollies.

  5. Notice how they hardly even let him speak. Classic way to attempt to manipulate the result of the case so they can get some big bucks.

  6. Coming to this video after a couple years, these people or senators, should have their age and qualifications next to their name. So that the person trying to explain them something, knows if they're dealing with a boomer or kid.

  7. Yes, or no…. Those algorithms were used in 1980 old guy. Today is, Hi Google! and after: “ Hi X, how was your day? Should I play some music for you?“ You don`t even know how to ask nicely! That`s why you don`t receive answers!

  8. The question should have been … "Can Google track the movements from here to over there?" and.or "What are the apps that can track a person's movements?"

  9. It's insane that we all side with the google guy, we have more trust in the huge coorporation than politicians lmao, they are completely clueless

  10. Well they called Snowden a traitor for telling them about spying and tracking now they pretend not to know the technological abilities?

  11. 0:55 this is the peak level of stupidity: if you give your phone to a hacker does he put gospel.mp3 in your phone of course he will steal your data if you give permission to a certain app yes you will be tracked

  12. Mr Sundar is highly intelligent and these people who asked questions are just — a work of art 😴

  13. When idiots weild power that's what happens. Americans still think that all that democracy needs is people with good intentions, whether they are knowledge or idiots does not matter. Exactly the reason why America is on a losing streak.

  14. Here you can see hypocrisy of USA western companies… assume that when Chinese and indian or any other countries authorities will call their CEOs they will start crying on democracy rule of law… LoL 🤣

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