1. funy thing: the conspiracy theories behind ufo's were laughed at ridiculed and made fun of for decades by the media and the media groupies. for several years now news reports on ufo's were slowly being recorded and reported on. even capturing them live. and acting all cobsmacked and not so witty ridicule twoards the official release. feeling like the ignorant ridiculers were being prepped for the release. but as always suddenly everyone forgot about those people they trolled on and now say we heard it first in the media.
    but why now? why has it become so important?

    is there a coming event a full disclosure and why all this drama getting people heads all messsed up as if we are what? being prepped for the day they say. we are not alone and they are here to stay. is this the 2022 event that is coming? a here we are tro save you from the tyrany you al now face?
    either way power taking power from power is still power over us all.
    never forget that.

  2. After sitting through 1.5 hours and writing extensive notes on this Open C3 SubCommittee Hearing on UAPs, they FAILED to answer the simpIe question that the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS wanted answered: Are there NON-HUMAN or AIien made UAP craft???

    Instead, we Iearned that the DoD (I & S) and the US NAVY InteI OSI foIks Iimited investigations to onIy data for the Iast 10 years that the US MiIitary, DoD, & NAVY AF coIIected and their InteI anaIysts processed through utiIizing their department's "means and methods" and that no outside or open source data was utiIized. They continuousIy spoke about "protecting their means and methods" that is what THIS is about for them and why they are present.

    The BEST US Congress Members addressing these MiIitary individuaIs were Rep. Krishnamoothi (at 1:09:19), Rep. WeIsh (at 1:16:36), and Rep. Carson throughout the video, he didn't mess around with their BS and defIecting. Americans have zero reason to TRUST the InteI Community and Defense Department. They are not being truthfuI and they are hiding what WE SHOULD know. My Lie-0-Meter was going off big time throughout this video, angering me with each passing second they tried using word saIads to not answer a Congress Member's question. NO ONE is asking for their "means & methods" yet they resisted, Iied, defIected the entire time.
    IMHO: They must be cut out/removed from this operation of getting answers about AIien craft as they are too confIicted and focused on their department's survivaI, NOT about providing a transparent answer for a simpIe question that WE, the PeopIe have asked for and waited for too Iong.

    Just infuriating!!!

  3. Pose a threat to national security, really? If they wanted to cause us harm we would know that by now and wouldn't stand a chance against them. It's an excuse to get more money for classified projects.

  4. The likelihood of intelligent life other than us out there is insanely low. Think of the conditions it takes just to keep us alive. I'm not saying it's impossible, but just a daunting to think about trying to find someone else out there.

  5. congress is holding briefings on ufos. why? because the plan is to flip them into seeming to be space visitors from another planet, when really we know they are stars, which are meteors, which are dragons.

    israel is awakening and our dragons which appear as orbs, the seraphim, will guide us out of slavery as they once did before when we traveled from egypt (illinois) to judah (utah).

  6. No one needs the government (— that probably is planning to fool the population with one Highly FAKE ˋalien~attack´ pretty soon —) to ˋdisclose´ anything ~ DISCLOSURE in its True Form is mich rather happening ˋfrom the ground up´, each & everyone can gather Their Very Own Experiences with ET~Life — It has happened to me most unexpectedly last year (..and I have never been a ˋbeliever´ or even much interested in the topic before..) and YES my personal Experiences with Extraterrestrial Consciousness were / are of the the Best Possible ~ Most Positive ~ Most Uplifting kind…! In high contrast to humans in their rather unevolved ˋasleep´ state of mind I could not say one single negative word about Extraterrestrial Life, I will forever be humbly mesmerized and grateful ~ ✨ ~

  7. CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, ala the Watergate hearings, including aerospace/defense contractors and Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson must be held to address a critical issue that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing-constitutionally illegal, EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  8. Well that's a start. This new dept of the Pentagon is in its infancy stages, they just have no answers right now. At least the government admits these are real , now to determine what, where, and who?

    I did really enjoy Mr Gallagher, he kinda got upset at the panel for having no reported information on UFOS tampering with our nuclear missiles. As he said it's main stream news, the military even reported the incidents.

    Hopefully this new investigation matures and gets deeper in to finding answers.

    Personally,,? … I can't really can't see this as anything but craft outside of this planet.

  9. Extraordinary Claims require Extrodinary PROOF…

    If you can see it, photograph it, or track it… it's one of ours. If it makes crazy fast maneuvers, it's a drone. Living beings don't tolerate extreme G forces without turning into mush. 95 percent or more of all sightings have been identified as natural causes, or man made objects (case closed). Unsolved sightings account for less than 1 percent (case open). All the rest have been identified as hoaxes created by people who want their 15 minutes of fame (case closed). Of the very small percentage of unsolved sightings, many of them will also eventually be solved. When we have better data, better technology, and better methods, many unanswered questions will be answered (case closed).

    If there is advanced civilizations out there (very likely), and if they are smart enough to travel interstellar distances that take a million years, they are sending drones with superior AI (artificial intelligence). They would never send living beings on missions of unknown risks and drones don't care it it takes a million years. Also, if they are smart enough to travel across galaxies, they are smart enough to not crash at Roswell. They have technology a thousand times better than ours. Their 'stealth' makes ours look stone age. Their crafts can not be photographed, tracked, or seen.

    As I stated above… Extraordinary Claims require Extrodinary PROOF.

  10. Now we wait for the fake alien invasion lol I put nothing past donkeys and you realise if they say their horrible they're probably amazing I'll be the first one outside begging to get off this disgusting plant

  11. Full bullshit – these bozos know nothing about UFOs shutting down our nukes? Really? Either they’re a bunch of liars or they’re NOT qualified to run this program. Either way – get rid of them. Another government bullshit dept.

  12. Full bullshit – these bozos know nothing about UFOs shutting down our nukes? Really? Either they’re a bunch of liars or they’re NOT qualified to run this program. Either way – get rid of them. Another government bullshit dept.

  13. U.F.O. which I personally saw, recorded – it was last year, for some reason they got interested in me because literally 3 times in a row [day after day] they appeared to me more or less in the same area of the sky as I was riding my bike from the field. I managed to record twice, the third time I took out the camera too late. The object stood still and then flew away with tremendous acceleration. The second sight, it was already evening – then I also recorded the very moment of departure – the object fired with a powerful acceleration, leaving a glow of "atomic light" behind. Moving on to the first sight – suddenly on a bright, sunny day a very bright, unusual, large star appeared to me – I took out the camera and immediately gave a powerful zoom of up to x500. U.F.O. it stood still for a dozen or so seconds, then it fired, disappeared … I managed to capture a few seconds with a huge zoom. It was primarily a ball of light, from which some "dome" emerged, some "probes" were pulled out, etc … It was very difficult to tune this object, keep it in the frame at such a huge zoom … Of course, I can send the source materials to those interested, but I made a cut-scene of the most important moment with a reduction of up to 1% !!! I am sending a link to the above-mentioned video:


    This is the source material :


    this video is just a clipping -video slowed down to 1%

    Recording from the 2nd day of seeing U.F.O. at x500 magnification – U.F.O. stood in place for 15 seconds, then fired with tremendous acceleration.

    CAUTION- the moment of departure of the U.F.O. also recorded itself.

    link to the movie:


  14. This is just another load of government misinformation. To try and stop people asking questions about UFOs. People question everything believe in nothing.

  15. I have made the Best Possible ~ Most Positive ~ & Uplifting Experiences with Extraterrestrial Consciousness…! Which YES I unexpectedly discovered to be an Absolute Reality indeed ~ ⭐ ~ Based on my personal experiences / manifold Sightings & interactions I have come to absolutely Love & Adore ˋthe Graze of Extraterrestrial Consciousness´ oh so very much ~ In high contrast to humans in their rather unevolved ˋasleep´ state of mind I could not say one single negative word about Extraterrestrial Life, I will forever be humbly mesmerized and grateful ~ ✨ ~ !

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