Congress protests against Kejriwal govt’s ‘Covid failure’; questions stand on snooping row

Congress workers staged a protest against Kejriwal led Delhi govt for alleged mismanagement during Covid second wave and other issues. Protesters also questioned Kejriwal’s silence on snooping row as Rahul Gandhi’s name emerged on the list of the people being spied by the Israeli NSO’s Pegasus. Congress workers claimed that Delhi was better off during the 15-year rule of Sheila Dixit. Angry protesters tried to jump barricades and police resorted to using water cannons. Watch the full video for more details.


  1. Bade dukh ki baat hai congress ko itna nahi paata ki Kejriwal ji ne second wave k dauran 15 days k andar 1200 bed ka hospital khada kiya…
    During the first wave only Kejriwal ji opened 3 new hospital… in Burari, Ambedkar

  2. Gujaratis are double standared people since jinnah a lohana caste gujju divided india and became hero of pakistan and modi an obc caste gujju trying to spread hatred xenophobia against muslims for partition and trying to become hero of india

  3. Kejriwal is much smarter than congress , he knows issues like pegasus have no importance among indian voters , he should instead focus on issues like inflation , covid , unemployment , economy etc

  4. Pani ke liye harayana jimedar
    Pollution ke liye Punjab
    Oxygen ke liye Modi
    Rain water ke liye Indra dev

    advertisement ke liye
    Maulana ko salary dene ke liye
    Hazz house bnwane ke liye
    Aur speed breakers jese mega projects inaugrate krne ke liye jimmedar hai

  5. And these people think they can unite together to take on the world's more organised and politically experienced party, BJP in 2024, lol fools' paradise, if they are infighting between themselves, how can you lead a coalition against BJP in 2024?

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