Congress Holds First U.F.O. Hearing In 50 Years

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  1. Remember with technology they can make things that look like it’s an alien but really it’s something that humans created.

    They can make a flying aircraft that looks like a UFO because they have shown us over and over what a UFO should look like so now it is in our minds.

    People will believe it and they will be killed by these things not knowing that humans created them.

    This is only one perspective on the matter I could be wrong.

  2. Excuse me God and knowledge this NASA receive their technology from the UFO reverse engineer and the other 1% was gifts the speed up this society

  3. Peace God you were programmed a long time ago finally I hear you talking about this you do know who you are and I know you are aware why you are this subject is really important you are one of the chosen ones I have known this for some time now acknowledge this God remember that déjà Vu you had and those unusual dreams which are nothing more than vision peace God

  4. There is so much going on and nlack men have to deal with these simple mindex nlack women and theur bull shit. I think it will be easier to deal with aliens rgan to deal with black women.

  5. Angela didn't even know what kind of meeting it was. Why do they even have her on the breakfast club.

  6. What if the aliens are not from another planet but are from here. They may be just a different type hominid that have survived in secret in place we can’t explore like certain depths of the ocean.

  7. 😂😂😂 “go to the phones, go to the phones” “I think we got one on the line, y’all” I swear Charlemagne the funniest dude

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