Congress divided on guns, safety laws after Uvalde shooting

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is confronted by Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke at a news conference on the Uvalde school shooting. The incident reflects the partisan division in addressing gun violence after the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook. CBS News senior white house and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe reports.

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  1. Congress are not separated on this issue. Half of Congress gets money from gun company's. Kids are dieing be ause politicians get money

  2. The gun manufacturers, the NRA or other organizations that made or accepted Champaign contributions which promote the current fail gun policies and the politician who accepted champagne need to be held criminally and financially liable to all the victims of gun violence.. who is liable?

  3. Republicans keep saying it's mental health and not guns and Democrats the other way around. Just do both. Start with mental health and if that doesn't help with mass shootings, blame the Republicans with the "I told you so" and start pushing for gun control. Do something instead of nothing.

  4. How many more are gonna die? How many more! Columbine was 23 years ago and more columbines, sandy hooks are gonna continue. I feel it for every parent losing a child at a school to gun violence

  5. The right to bear arms is constitutionally mandated, public schools are not. We need to do what we can do now to prevent any more public school shootings so close the public schools now until we can figure out why they're turning innocent children into murderers.


  7. They don’t want gun control, they don’t want to provide healthcare, including mental health. Who do these politicians serve? NRA

  8. Look at these cowards trying to seek a public image zero respect these are the cowards that wiuld never speak out about police brutality and violence from police or black and brown lives being destroyed by corupt pigs

  9. It easy to be happening because if they have gun in their hand and could not control their anger

  10. Have cellphones detect the guns and send in drones to collect those guns. 21st century. We dont need them.

  11. "There are JEWISH PEOPLE who call themselves Yahuuahshayahuuahlah aka Israel yet are not Yahuuahshayahuuahlah aka Israel, get out of my face I do not know you you are the synagogue of Satan."


    "There are JEWISH PEOPLE who call themselves Yahuuahshayahuuahlah aka Israel yet are not Yahuuahshayahuuahlah aka Israel, get out of my face I do not know you you are the synagogue of Satan."

  13. They v
    Blocked the billbut they voted for 40 billions dollars to send to ukraine to fight Russia. Shame on this country

  14. We need to ban social media for those who are under 21. We need to create a system of healthy enrichment programs for American youth. Get kids playing again, put god back to the forefront of society and school. Kids should know about god and the Bible. We were founded by Christian values. We need to protect the sanctity of our children. Not
    Indoctrinate then with homosexual ideals. This why these things are becoming more common place. I think it’s selfish to say that we do one we lose another. I say we don’t lose when we do the right thing.

  15. America the free. The reason why it happens is a copy cat effect. Crime is everywhere. Texas lottery pays on schools now pay for security guards for schools and every place. Stop playing the blame game.

  16. America needs to admit it has a sick nation & arm it's schools. No time for delusion just, cold hard facts.
    It is the most dangerous country on the planet. 250,000 dead since sandy hook.
    If people chose to be delusional & blame guns, give it 5 years & Americans will be queuing to get into Mexico.
    From the other side of the pond looks like your news media are crazy hysterical most of the time & your president looks half Alive.
    So I'm not shocked at this shooting at all.

  17. ¡El presidente estadounidense no tiene autoridad moral alguna si condena el injusto asesinato de niños inocentes en una escuela, pero sanciona el injusto asesinato de niños inocentes en el útero!

  18. People think abortions are a right yet don't respect the 2nd amendment which is to protect the first.

  19. When will Goverments realise there has to be a ban on GUNs as far too many incidents involving them are increasing ,how many more need to die and will Goverments be held accountable for the loss of life’s for not acting sooner ????
    They say everything is. Weapon in the wrong hands but how many more people have to die at the hand of guns and when is it time to say enough is enough as it’s so easy just to pull a trigger either with mental health or heat of the moment or is profit from weapons more important than taking the precautions of banning them before another person dies .

  20. Gun safety laws is a big laugh they are the ones that are putting the guns in our children's hands by sticking up for the criminals the felonies and everybody else that breaks the law they're there to protect and serve the Constitution of the United States they don't believe in the Constitution the only part they believe that you have a right to bear arms

  21. This is not Congress but in fact a bunch of decrepit old men who forgot to take their meds for dementia

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