Chris Christie: 'Undeniable' that Trump gave me Covid last year

In a PBS interview, Republican former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent a week in the ICU with Covid in 2020, says that then-President Donald Trump gave him Covid-19 during debate preparation sessions where six-out-of-seven people involved were later diagnosed. #CNN #News


  1. CNN, the fake news, all grassroots must kick their ass, and expect Pelosi body as ultimate prize

  2. Dr Fauci, hahaha, the cold blooded mass murderer leaking and disseminating COVID 19 with conspiracy to obtain full human gene pool….

  3. Here we go again. Another Republican who’s a “victim”. Christie knew the data. Christie knew he was at risk for more severe case of COVID. HE chose to swan around, unmasked and ignoring social distancing when he attended Donny Boy’s super-spreader events. Now he claims he’s a victim. Christie’s was just one in millions of cases of self inflicted COVID. I’ll give him one thing though – he’s got the Republican whining act down!

  4. Chris Christie should understand that naybe mark meadows was stuck in traffic. In a blocked traffic lane.

  5. That's ok for chris Christie. And others you blame trump for codvi. Is like playing with fire and getting mad for getting burned.

  6. I've been a Democrat for over 40 years. But if Christie becomes his party's POTUS candidate, I will vote Republican.

  7. I just wish that the millions of his MAGA followers would see the light like the rest of us.

  8. No Chris you got COVID because you're an utter fool. Anyone could have given to you especially when one is foolishly

  9. Netanyahu acted like a typical political leader. Trump is simply a sore loser and sees everything as a personal slight

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  11. Live Trump alone; we all know the Trump never knew Bibi Netanyahu, never met him, never see him, what country he's from, not even know what Bibi looks like.

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