Carol Leonnig: Trump Gleefully’ Watched Supporters Charge The Capitol

Washington Post reporters and authors of ‘I Alone Can Fix It’ Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker discuss Trump’s reaction to the January 6th insurrection and the political ramifications for many of the former president’s staff who ignored the warning signs about the impeding riot.

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  1. Pense, Meadows and Pompeo will not tell the truth. They will either lie, refuse to testify or claim executive privilege. They might even claim the 5th.
    It always seemed strange that Pense's family was at the Capital. Is it that he wanted them nearby because he suspected something, like what happened was going to happen?

  2. Damned if all the rump's glee hasn't dried up like his old rusty fake jewels. I'm wondering if the whole rump family isn't gonna be broke soon after they get all the rump monies back to the rightful owners. Rump has taken one of his massive hippo sized dumps all over his loyal followers. His faithful may all come after rump soon.

  3. This committee will not find who are guilty because it runs too deep…. it will verify how OUR government is corrupt.. more is going to come out… stay tuned

  4. The one individual who was one hundred percent responsible for facilitating the proliferation of fascism onto the American 'body politic' through his on-air omnipresence for well more than thirty-two years is none other than the late far-right radio provocateur Rush Limbaugh, whose death i am still stoked over even after less than six months.

  5. Please! This is bloody treason. Republicans have been trying everything they can to keep the truth from us because they were all in on the conspiracy! Treason. No more talk! Lock them all up & throw away the key.

  6. Trump should be charged 5yrs for every week he held the America people hostage and 5yrs for each Friday he pull out his bag of tricks. If he's angry to bad I will never forget what did and what the Republican party allowed him to do. Enough is Enough……

  7. As things are heading, things will reverse. Now is a false cry of stolen election by Republicans. Tomorrow is the prospect of an election stolen for real by Republican fascists. The need not just to cry foul but to take to the streets would be on the other side, if the cry of foul is ignored, but would the more decent elements of the country be too timid to see the truth and act upon it? If they don't have the backbone to meet the fascists on their own terms, they would have to live under their thumb. Decency is hesitant but the indecent are full of passionate intensity.

  8. What a circus! Obama ordered the destruction of all the Guantanamo torture tapes. Now Democrats are trying to pretend that they want to go to the bottom of this. Politicians only care about the truth when they have an interest in it.

  9. Great book but boy it’s awfully disturbing. Thankfully there were a few adults that didn’t give in to Trumps worst instincts. Could have been worse then it was.

  10. Trump's downfall came in 4 steps: (1) He lost the election, convincingly; (2) Claimed voter fraud but could NEVER prove it; (3) Tried election tampering in Georgia (a felony) and failed; (4) With nothing left, he turned to the only weapon he had…his supporters. The result? Five people dead and hundreds facing federal charges. And thus the darkest chapter in US history comes to an end.

  11. lol Adam Schiff head the biggest liar in Washington DC. I love it 7 months and Trump derangement syndrome still going strong. Everyone knows what the Democrats are up to. They are going to try and prevent President Trump from ever holding office again. It's never going to happen. lol

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