BREAKING NEWS: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer expected to be SACKED at Man United | Premier League | ESPN FC

Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop and Don Hutchison join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to react to reports indicating Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is expected to be sacked as manager of Manchester United following a 4-1 loss to Watford in the Premier League.

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  1. And people talk about The Arsenal's ineptitude…… Ineptitude is also a current trait of Barća, Tottenham, and Man U. Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man City have steady ships.

  2. You must be respect for ole two-player like Harry maguire defender can't defend himself and his team maguire is a loser he should be sucked

  3. I'm just interested in beautiful jerseys and attractive colors..simple..losing or winning is not the area of ​​my eyes..what matters is the jersey And the color is continues no matter what the price..great in an attractive jersey

  4. So what you are saying is that Man U has essentially become the New York Yankees of the EPL: A League wide joke that nobody really takes seriously. I say that because I am a Yankee fan and my team HAS become a joke. They spend a ton of money and can't win a title. They get bounced out early and the same problems seem to crop up year after year as Management does nothing to fix it. Which is essentially what these guys are saying has happened to Man U. I can feel for their fans and sympathize with their frustration. They maybe in a different sport but they are going through the exact same thing I am going through with my team. My heart goes out to them.

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  6. It’s been magical for the fans of the clubs of Great Britain were all very sad to see him go, but still hope as their players are shocking

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