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It’s Tuesday, 23 November 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Social Care: 1:49
Boris Johnson: 5:18

Stumbling over your notes and reminiscing about a visit to Peppa Pig World isn’t how most speeches go but the prime minister’s latest one did.

Boris Johnson delivered an unusual speech at a conference for business leaders on Monday, causing a reporter to ask if everything was OK with him.

He’s defended the speech saying it “went over well”.

Social care: MPs back change to funding cost cap in England. Get the full story 👉

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  1. The REVOLUTION has begun!!! All of those who have aloud this fraud to continue, your freedom will be at an end sooner than you realise! Choose your side now, history is watching 👁 👁

  2. The BBC is so gross, lacks patience and compassion.
    Will latch on to anything to paint someone they don’t like in a negative light.
    So outdated, glad BBC is being left behind.

  3. That's hardly shambolic, he just lost a page of his notes by the looks of it. Hey when did the BBC ever report on any of BIDEN's speeches? They are ALL absolute disasters! Kinda biased on yet another issue BBC?!

  4. More/All politicians should be asked if they are OK if they talk drivel.
    Next time Boris wants to behave like this as a fair exchange he should have to give the speech with his pants around his ankles, wearing a nappy and with a dummy hung around his neck.

  5. I don't think Boris is okay. However, that does not give Starmer license to tease him.
    The fact is, after a lot of very different illnesses 'brain fog' can be quite a serious issue. Brain fog has been an issue with a large number of recovering Covid-19 sufferers and, as many people seem to have conveniently forgotten or dismissed, Boris Johnson did suffer a particularly serious bout of Covid-19.

    I can understand why Boris wanted to stay in the position of Prime Minister after he left hospital. Mid-term reshuffles and replacements upset the balance within a party for quite a long period (as we have seen for ourselves).
    Even worse is the idea of scheduling an election, as there will be a time when the new party comes in to conduct the lengthy tradition of 'undoing nearly everything the previous government did' (oh, except, of course, for ensuring that things stay absolutely tickety-boo for all the rich/fatcats/elites. Labour is just as bad at doing this as the Tories. At least you expect it from the Tories).

    No country has time for any political shenanigans right now. Stability is what every country does need.
    I would say that Boris is quite unusual for a Tory in the respect that he has been more than willing to pour immense sums of money into research into Covid, vaccinations, distribution/logistics, and beginning the distribution of vaccine to other countries who cannot afford their own research/vaccine development.
    At this time, Britain stands as one of the 2 leading authorities on Covid research – and that label comes with a gigantic price tag. Without this essential research, which delivers information around the world to whoever wants it, we would all be in a more serious condition – both physically and economically.
    Had Boris not remained as Prime Minister during this time, could we really trust that his replacement would have been quite so keen to do likewise?
    Think of what would happen if someone who shares the Thatcher Principle of squeezing the money out of everything had been in charge. What of our NHS then? What of all those annoying working class and poor people who could not afford private medicine and want the empty wards in run-down opened up? What if clueless Theresa May was in charge? Or witless Cameron?

    I watched that embarrassing speech with Boris fumbling with papers, losing direction, saying 'Forgive me,' repeatedly – only the other day. His foray into the world of Peppa Pig was simply a show of panic, embarrassment, desperately reaching for something to lighten the mood.
    And all I could think was – in this day and age, why the hell are politicians still reading from silly bits of paper stacked on podiums?
    Why are speeches not now electronically transmitted to computerized 'podiums' where they can be scrolled through without anyone losing their way, muddling pages, where text can highlighted, where important updates on emergency situations can be transmitted to the 'page' instantaneously as important events unfold.
    Different speakers could even 'load' their own speech onto a computerized podium when they take turns on the stage.
    Why do speakers (on any topic) persist with this truly antiquated way of delivering speeches? (I did the same 2 years ago, so…I'm not one to talk). This all reminds me of an opera I once saw, when the conductor dropped his copy of the complete score on the floor. Everything stopped, truly embarrassing, as he had to run about picking up all the bits of paper.

    So, the fact that Boris is delivering strange speeches and finding it difficult to sort pages says to me that either we need to improve the format of speeches, or he needs to be PM in name only for the remainder of his term and do less work as he continues to recover: as a sort of figurehead rather than as an active PM like before.
    I'm sure the relevant ministers could deliver appropriate speeches in his place. Besides, he may only need a few weeks rest. I don't think anyone can deny that he has had a gruelling term.

    Starmer, meanwhile, should mind his manners – because by teasing Boris, he could well be offending many other people left with the disabling problem of brain fog following serious illness, especially those who have it through Covid. It's a childish way for a party leader to behave.

  6. I feel like sueing the government for a billion pounds. No clue over covid , brexit , immigration, peoples lives and livelihoods, jobs, health care and people who have carried this country through covid now face the sack

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  8. Johnson is a first class Muppet he has no original ideas or thoughts of his own ….He is doing a Biden ..THE MAN IS A JOKE ..

  9. Time for the government to go now.
    We need a peasants revolt because none of them are fit for purpose anymore and we are being treated as slaves.

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