Bill O’Reilly: Reports Trump 'booed' by crowd over Covid booster exaggerated | Dan Abrams Live

Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly says reports former President Donald Trump was booed by the crowd after the pair announced they each had received the COVID-19 vaccine and booster were exaggerated, saying it was “maybe 100” of 11,000 people in the audience.

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  1. He is part of the one eyed all seeing eye death cult satanic free masons, he fooled me, reread his snake bite poem

  2. WTF is this guy talking about?? Its the unvaccinated that are being barred from society! Oh and I thought ivermectin saved Trump from the deadly sniffles…

  3. Thank God Hillary wasn't president we would all be dead thank you president trump see you in 2024 since they stole the election in 2020

  4. “How did we get to this point?”-where there’s such contempt toward some one for taking a vaccine? Seriously? Vaccinated people are the ones who have to deal with bad treatment? This guy is a hack, along with every other mouthpiece in media. O’Reilly is a hack and should use every public appearance opportunity to beg for forgiveness in his role in convincing Americans that the Iraq invasion was a good idea.

  5. Please fact check the statement “it’s a fact that Trump supporters are the majority unvaxed”.

  6. Let me help you out, since this commentator seems confused. What there is contempt for is the utter lack of transparency and honesty regarding these vaccines and their problems, not to mention the massive censorship campaign surrounding any criticism of them or the tyrannical vaccine mandates that Trump has failed to come out strongly against. I have no problem with people making the medical decisions regarding vaccination that they believe are right for them, if your over 65 a strong case can be made for vaccination even with the problems these vaccines have because of how contagious this virus is. But it Trump does not start strongly coming out against these vaccine mandates and get off the fence with his lukewarm disapproval and instead start leading the charge on the issue, he will not get my vote. To be clear for millions of us who he cannot win without this is the most important issue. If he continues down the path he is currently on, he will definitely lose my support in the future! Also O'Reilly is an idiot we develop the vaccine and have one of the highest death rates in the world from Covid, we have literally done worse than most of the countries on the planet. Those are the actual facts and that includes countries with low vaccination rates.

  7. Dan Abrams says Trump made the virus or vaccine about himself. Wrong. It was the leftist media that named this the Trump Virus and made it about him. Even though it came from China.

  8. Ok….so we know that Trump did a good thing, because he made sure that drug companies were paid billions of dollars to rush production of a vaccine that was not FDA approved nor sufficiently tested. Makes sense to me.

  9. Wow this is why I left the Republican party, they've become a cult. Even Trump is telling them and they refuse to listen. Talk about sheep.

  10. Trump encourages vaccination, including the booster, at every speaking engagement and interview. If Abrams doesn't know this it's because the MSM keep Trump off the air. The anti-vaxers not only have a right to their anti-mandate opinion but their opinion is based in fact because the overwhelming majority of them (1) are of an age group least likely to die or require hospitalization, (2) have already survived COVID, (3) have no comorbidity, and (4) know that the vaccines protect only the vaccinated individual and have almost no effect in reducing the contraction or spread of the virus. In fact what the vaccines do is create the most dangerous type of carrier; the asymptomatic one. The US population is highly vaccinated where it matters and there is absolutely no justification for ruining peoples lives through vaccine mandates. The US group at highest risk, 65+, is over 96% vaccinated, and over 89% of people with 1 or more comorbidity are vaccinated. 200M of the 320M US population has been vaccinated and 40M of that 320M are under 16.

  11. "When I say natural immunity, I mean once you get the vaccine." Vaccination is a form of acquired immunity…you acquired the immunity through the process of vaccination. Recovering from infection is natural immunity. At least that's what my immunology textbooks read, but they were printed before 2020.

  12. "Booo" Trump pushing the jab of death is going to let the Democrats set him up to fail based on his ego. Better wise up Trump or no vote from me.

  13. President Trump was by far the BEST President of my 70 year lifetime! Hopefully will win again in 2024!!

  14. Remember, Trump is not a scientist but he is playing 4D chess. Trump promoted Hydroxychloroquine and demonrats stopped it and their medical protocol killed millions that's why Trump is now promoting COVID19 vaccine waiting for leftist lunatics to stopped it but trillions is at stake so they can praise him. Once he condemns his warpspeed COVID19 vaccine, all hell will break loose for sure. Where do you think he is gonna place himself, better takes credit for it while put in your skull he is not a scientist.

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