Biden calls on Congress to extend eviction moratorium l WNT

The federal freeze on evictions is set to expire this weekend, but the Biden administration urged Congress on Thursday to expand the moratorium as the country grapples with the delta variant.




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  1. This affects people already on govt assistance… they weren’t paying full rent from the start…. Time to find another angle, the Americans who are paying have had enough.

  2. 32 million Americans homeless here we come it was only a matter of time the great depression had 2 million homeless people now ? They say an average of 32 million Americans will be homeless watch how ugly this will get here in America very fall of Rome vibes

  3. I one care wallstreet gets trillions and bailed out whenever they want but when peasants get fucked by the government and no help then peasants get angry at other peasants GIVING MORE POWER TO THE ELITES THAT HAVE EVERYTHING ALREADY!!! Fuckin hateful boomers that love the rich and don’t want anyone to get help

  4. Proverbs 19:23- The fear of the Lord leads to life, So that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil.

  5. Maybe the American government shoulda done what other major countries did and PAY THEIR SALARIES! The rich are winning and we have no chance from these ignorant comments, no one cares we don’t help each other at all there’s nonstop socialism for the rich

  6. See that fool with the cancel rent sign? So screw the landlords? How fair is that? I got divorced and lost my home…THE REST OF US HAVE TO PAY OUR BILLS!

  7. What are the owners supposed to do about paying their mortgages? If the bank foreclosed on the owners for nonpayment of mtg the renters won't have anywhere to live anyway. More public funds for many who choose not to work because they make more sitting home.

  8. Cry me a River! You had enough stimulus and unemployment benefits to pay your rent, but you blew it on things you didn’t need because you can live for free. Theres a labor shortage now, so you have no excuse to find a job. Doesn’t pay enough? That’s because you’re living beyond your means. You’re gonna regret not taking these jobs now, because once you’re evicted, all those openings will be taken up by the surge of unemployed people getting evicted. Don’t make another mistake by depending on the government to bail you out. Fantasy time is over, snap back to reality like everyone else who is working to pay their own bills.

  9. I hate to say this but enough is enough… not every tenant is suffering!!! A lot are abusing this! I have a tenant who hasn’t paid a dime but takes vacations to the islands lol… that’s some bullshit!!! We need to be able to clear our apartments for new tenants… I’ve been paying this Mortage and it’s gotten old…

  10. Who cares when the government is trying to implement mandated jabs so people have to choose between working but only if they get the jab. There will be even more people who can’t pay rent or mortgages or any bills with that crap.
    This is crazy along with the fact that people are still being held in jail for trespassing at the Capital. They are not being allowed to contact their attorney or get anything at all, all their constitutional rights are being violated and they are being held as political prisoners. Of course when 4 reps went to the DC jail to check on the conditions, they weren’t allowed and the main press won’t cover it because they are run by the Dems. These people are evil and what is sad is people don’t realize it!

  11. Unemployment paying more than previous paychecks, not paying rent, and now businesses closing for lack of employees, recess is over..go back to work..

  12. Okay, progressive leaning democrat here, and I am confused. If you lost your job and couldn't pay your rent were you not getting the enhanced unemployment? Were you unable to save up a month or 2 of rent from the enhanced unemployment for when these rent moratoriums ran out?

    Like, I get then people are having a hard time getting the reimbursement, since republicans want to sit on their fat asses and pretend this program doesn't exist cause it helps the common man. But even still, the people renting out real estate should realize by now that they need to get reimbursed by the government for past rent, and can only collect rent post moratorium.

    So if they know they can only collect rent post moratorium, and these people that couldn't pay were collecting unemployment as they should have been, then why do we need to extend the moratorium? Oh, yeah, lets also remember that this month started the free money for having kids thing too, so that's even more money a lot of these people should have in their pockets. So, again, what is the issue?

    Get vaccinated, get back to work.

  13. Lost my job 3 months ago do too COVID 19 , I have made 80,000 a year for the last 30 years and paid my taxes. I missed my rent payment last month first time ever . Unemployment is not paying me do to a glitch in the system . I’m literally broke I have gone thru my 20,000 $ savings . The jobs that everyone keep saying is out there don’t pay enough to even pay my rent. I live in California ! I believe that’s why people aren’t taking the jobs that are available. You just can’t service on low pay meanwhile the employers get rich .

  14. I agree extending evictions moratorium and unemployment benefits.
    Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over!!!!
    – people will not get the vaccine 💉
    – people refuse to wear mask 😷
    – people are slacking on hygiene (wash your hands)
    – protect yourself and others USE GOOD JUDGEMENT, otherwise we are back to square one

  15. Only God can judge me….not you all.
    I really need the help. I caught covid twice. Lost my job. I was still paying what I can. Unfortunately I was taken to court and evicted for paying too slow. I continue to stay in my apartment and continue to pay. Eventually I'll be a le to catch up. But time has ran out. I never asked for assistance. I pay my Bill's. I just got sick for a momment

  16. Seriously? There's like 10 million jobs that are unfilled, can we stop giving everyone a handout?

  17. This seems ridiculous. Home owners are losing money. Squatters are taking advantage of this. I would make every one of them show proof that they have been looking for work. Call and verify to make sure they're telling the truth. Also, I wonder how many of these are unvaccinated. I ask that because I wonder how many of these people worked for the City, County, State, or Government and lost their job because they did not want to take the vaccine.

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