Biden announces more aid to Ukraine after Zelenskyy's address to Congress | Special Report

Shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a direct plea to Congress, President Biden authorized an additional $800 million in aid to the country under siege. “The American people are answering President Zelenskyy’s call,” Mr. Biden said. Watch Mr. Biden’s remarks and analysis from CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes and national security correspondent David Martin in this CBS News Special Report.

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  1. Zelensky isn’t even in the Ukraine the coward and he’s just a puppet to NATO and nothing more. He’s put on a lot on weight since the beginning of the war which suggests while the Ukraine people are fighting for their own freedom and are rationing their food, he’s getting fat and fed well by the UK and USA, sickening… BUT, once they have all their gas and wheat, the UK & USA will dump Ukraine and Zelensky, like they did to Afghanistan @USA

  2. And we can't even fix our own Dam problems , like all theses gas n food prices , just quit worrying about all the other countries, and start fixing our own problems

  3. How come you defend an Authoritarian guy? USA said want to encouraging democracy, freedoom of speech and human rights in Ukraine. But he did the opposite things. Are American politicians still interested to help him?
    "President Zelensky suspends 11 political parties in Ukraine over Kremlin 'collusion' claims including one led by the father of Putin's goddaughter – and Zelenskiy bans three opposition TV stations
    as he signs to decree merging all national TV channels into one platform.". Wonderful American. Unbelievable.

  4. Who cares what going on in Ukraine. That is not our business you know why said this during WW2 . We could have ruled the world.

  5. Why is nothing done? Killing citizens I mean purposely hitting civilians is a crime. Ain’t this cover by any of the United Nations laws. Isn’t it A crime.

  6. How about us American 🇺🇸 citizens with low income we need help too.Not bad to aid another countries but you should help first your very own peoples under your care…

  7. Truoc noi dau va dau kho mat mat cua Ukrainian Chung ta khong the lam ngo truoc su mat mat. Nay please help ong tong thong Ukrainian va nguoi dan cua dat nuoc nay please xin tat ca nguoi dan tren toan the gioi xin hay giup ho

  8. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, Indirectly war between USA and Russia, Ukraine is just become a puppet between them. And Ukrainian will realize that in future.

  9. When impeachment occurs ,keep jail time on the table, Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth, the family biden motto, Why is it as biden would say about Hunter "the smartest man he knows" returning the money to China and Russia? The biden's should be made to pay back every penny they got plus penalty for pay to play and oath of office violations, "I got your back joe" his message to those oppressed, unless of course your Alfganstan, Ukraine, Cuba, Venzuela, Texas, Arizona, Israel, American pipe fitters, the Energy Industry, the American people. our US Military, and anybody else effected by the two million illegals, who invaded our Country. "Illegals are not tax payor", but tax dollar spenders, as biden is, 30 TRILLION IN DEBT AND STILL GROWING, WHY HAVE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS NOT STARTED? TAX AND SPEND, WHY HAVE WE NO LEADERSHIP THAT HAS PASSED AN MENTAL FITNESS TEST TO SERVE? We have an zero representation from our presidential office, Russia would have an easier time invading ur souther borders then Ukraine's border. WHEN ARE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS GOING TO START? Biden and his misfits have the world stage totally fxxx up now, and he is doing even a worse job for our Country. Inflation, shortages. high fuel cost, no attempt to resove any of these issues, Impeach them out ,vote them out, keep them out.

  10. That means America is in war with Russia, and nuclear bomb is inevitable.
    Damn, we need peace, so, stop expand towards Russia, and Ukraine's fool leader should step down, and let the peace prevail.
    Putin, is a war criminal so does American elite politicians.

  11. Its being reported that billions of dollars that have gone to Ukraine is now missing. Why r we sending more?

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