Asking Trump Supporters About Space Force | The Daily Show

From space pirates to space ISIS, America’s celestial forces are up for the challenge. Michael Kosta reports. #DailyShow #MichaelKosta #SpaceForce

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  1. "Spaceforce… it's just cool name." Lightbulb moment's happening one at a time……every leapyear….all Trumpsters will be affected!

  2. When I hear anyone utter the wirds "Trump" & "Truth" in the same sentence, I have to rewind & hear it again.
    Donald has MASTERED the Lie as a second language. Why would he complicate things with the truth??
    Whoops!! My bad!! THAT'S WHY!! He's also the Master of Complications!!

  3. Russian president Putin after watching this video: "Prepare our forces for the invasion of America. Those people dumber than my dog".

  4. Trevor should join space force and go fight the war on Mars. I mean no one would notice he is not on cable anymore.

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