An Indictment Of Trump Should Be 'Seriously Considered' Says Eric Holder

Former Attorney General Eric Holder expresses his belief that former President Trump should be held accountable for January 6th.

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  1. Nothing going to happen to DJT because he didn't do anything lol. So many political false flags got y'all lapping this stuff up like a dog. They are truly scared of this man running again and winning that they are going to unconstitutional lengths to do everything in their power to "find" dirt on him if not planted by themselves. Such a shame this country is becoming like any other communistic/totalitarian state.

  2. If Trump has committed crimes and is not indicted, that message would reverberate into the future and create more Trumps. One of the reasons for punishing wrong doers, especially those at the highest levels, is to prevent others at the highest levels of society from doing the same thing in the future. The second reason is to show people that the law is fair and will be applied so, even to those in positions of power. Finally, to let Trump get away without punishment would be just as destructive to Democracy as allowing his followers to take over the government by force.

  3. 7:12 Liz and Adam have 'guts'. What they really have is Virtue. Courage is one of the cardinal virtues. Liz and Adam are among the very few Republicans who still have the virtue of Courage. John McCain had courage. We don't need to agree with them to acknowledge they embody that virtue. Other virtues include: justice, temperance, and wisdom. We can say that Biden and Obama were temperate – essentially moderate. We can say that Mitch McConnell is Unjust in how he denied Merrick Garland a vote. We can say that Republicans are Unwise to vote against ALL climate legislation when climate change is so costly and perilous. We need virtue in our politics again.

  4. We should amend the dos and don'ts Truths and honorable behavior of every president that is elected for the people by the people and that they be qualified in constitutional laws of the 🇺🇸 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  5. We all know trump would have No Problem selling the most nationally security stamped documents he stole from Americas White House to the highest bidder. To Russias Putin (his boss) , China, North Korea,
    Iran. It wouldn’t matter, trump is on his scourged earth- (the US) tour. All he worships is money and power and attention. Anything to point the finger to divide, hate and disunite.

  6. The families and friends of the "murdered" officers in that Jan 6 terrorist act MUST rally the Justice Dept to indict that Crump & his Republican henchmen for treason!!! Kick them out n send them to jail!! Short of a death sentence by firing squad, give them 20 to life jail sentences!!

  7. How can such an ugly man talk so bad about women. He must have some kind of conflict with his ugliness inside and outside. I have seen his younger photos and nothing to go crazy over. He was ugly then and is uglier now. Good looking people don’t get ugly when they get old. Example Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, Richard Gere , and many more who are handsome and have aged handsome seniors.

  8. Look who is talking about holding a President accountable, this guy has no room to talk, what did he do about the human rights violator, or the people who caused the financial sector to fail and cause the great recession… we don’t want to hear about these fake tough guys that pretend to want to hold power accountable. Right after Obama took office, we begged this guy to hold them accountable, but he was afraid and spineless.

  9. He did not care about the decorum of being a sitting President when he committed the coup. Actually, he used the presidency to his advantage to pull off the deadly coup. Not sure what the hold up is here!?!

  10. We did Nixon cone on America ges a traitor worst than Nixon plz grow a pair and do it already everyday us another day of him saying he's running again he should have ran after al the insane e thi gs he did and l his reps senators

  11. John Gotti ain't got NOTHING on this individual!!! #45 running again is a no-brainer; he sees that as the only way to save his own A@%!!! What? you think he wants to sit back in the top seat to actually help this country??? Whomever thinks that deserve a major GASFACE!!! @/stopthestupid

  12. That was a great question from Nicole & I feel like she’s speaking to AG Garland who needs to get his as* in gear NOW before the Republicans sliver in & destroy everything. And I love Holder – he’s so intelligent & measured & deliberate with every word he speaks. Btw, I’m am American. My comments are consequential & not rooted in an “entertainment” motive like those who drink tea, smoke cigarettes & think they know gd everything about the US from watching YT & spending 2 weeks in Orlando & don’t realize they’re a 2 hr drive from the beach. 🇺🇸

  13. Many people have carefully crafted reasons why indicting Trump would set a bad precedent. If he were to go away quietly that would be one thing. However if it is a choice between him in the Big House vs the White House, that would be something different entirely.

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