After Debunking Trump Denialism, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tackles 'Unexplained' Flying Objects

Congress held its first public hearing on UFOs in over 50 years, signaling how lawmakers are pressuring military leaders to take the issue more seriously. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the hearing, the “multiverse” and black holes. Tyson has previously joined Melber on The Beat to discuss anti-science and anti-climate change rhetoric on the Right.
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  1. I’m seeking political asylum at his house soon. Lol …. Not thrilled with pre civil war part 3

  2. DeGrasse Tyson is a "pop culture scientist" in the same way that Bill Nye is a "pop culture scientist".

  3. To ask where we are on that cosmic ladder is to find it first! Lets hope the trip isn't over before it begins!

  4. TOGGLE GRAVITY ON/OFF??? UAP Time Crystal Technology?

    ​Time Crystal like Non-Symmetry could postulate that Newtonian Laws can be "Diffracted" (toggle) states in sequence from one present time to another present time? Like: ​toggle a straight line then line so far – the line continues offset, parallel – see Quantum Computer becomes a Time Crystal @

  5. Nor people or governments should be afraid of those called aliens. They are only humans coming from other times.

  6. UFOs aren't traveling distance, they travel through time. That is why they are still called UFOs. Everyone is looking at the wrong place.

  7. Maybe they have the solution for inflation and high gas prices beside the. Trump administration.

  8. Neil is fully aware of two things – the fact that we have undeniable radar, sonar, satellite data and even images and videos and he's also aware that most people who do encounter these sort of things whether its a sighting or abduction are generally ridiculed and ostracized by society.

  9. There's literally thousands of vids of people catching UFOs outside the plane.. over the ocean… in the sky…. not just military cameras catching these ufos

  10. What is Neil DeGrasse Tyson even famous for? He hasn’t won any Noble Prizes or anything I’d real note. He maybe credited to demoting Pluto to a dwarf planet, but I’ve known about that for about 30 years. I learned that in elementary school. I think he just likes to play devil’s advocate. But he wrong on this one, in my opinion. First of all, it’s not “unexplained” flying object. It’s “unidentified” flying object. There are many things about these objects that ARE identifiable. There are hundreds if not thousands of these objects as being identified as an aircraft with capabilities to fly in air, space, and water. There is eye witness and instrument data co-witness of UFOs that instantly puts these UFOs in an other worldly category. We don’t have anything that can move the way these things move period. We can also identify that it is not a natural phenomenon. UFOs are not a new phenomenon, we recognize that as well. And finally we have our government confirming that these objects, that have been described as most likely air/space/water-crafts, do not originate on earth. And they have documented scientific data that explains that much. They definitely would not disclose the data of the craft’s abilities after it went underwater. Which they stated they have that data, but would not disclose that to the public. Because that data proves they intelligent beings not from earth. Period.

  11. Blows my mind apparently we’re in an infinite universe with only 1 planet hosting intelligent life……..

  12. C'mon…. Tyson can't even get the acronym right. "Unexplained"? It really bugs me that certain people have the arrogance to PRETEND that they know about a topic that they haven't even begun to look into. "Don't bother me with the facts……. my mind is already made up". Ignorant.

  13. If a black hole's gravity is so strong that light cannot escape it. What makes you believe sounds can escape a black hole for you to hear it when sounds travel slower than the speed of light?

  14. You can debunk all you want these GOP trumpuppets aren't listening.
    Why are people so worried about aliens when we should be concentrating on the big mess we've made down here? if there are aliens, what are WE going to do about it? They are obviously technologically advanced, who are we kidding. They would grind us into space dust and vacuum us up like silth in the bottom of a pool.

  15. 10:5011:03 what Tyson is saying is us to look out for new alien technology to crash into the Pacific ocean again the way it did in 2014.. I wonder what it can be this time 🤔 Hadron Collider needs to be Defunded immediately..also keep God and Jesus over all in these end times. ✌️

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