Accountability Elusive As Trump's Big Lie Runs Amok In Wisconsin

Jeffrey Mandell, president and lead counsel for Law Forward, talks with Rachel Maddow about the legal effort to expose and leverage the law against Republican efforts to undermine democracy in the state of Wisconsin.
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  1. So much for democrazy and a non working legal system in America. Name one single country in the world where this could take place, and more seriously without consequens. America is a non funktioning society and backsliding democrazy when these things are possible. Sad

  2. Thanks, Dr Maddow and Mr Mandell. The “normalization” of felonious political violence and terrorism by the Repugnithugs has gone much too far to consider it a “harmless aberration”! It was scary during the counting and slate fights a year ago, murderous (and almost successful!) on Jan. 6th, and continues with horrifying impunity, since. Merrick Garland must finally stop contemplating his “political repercussions” navel, and send out our Federal Agents to incarcerate DeJoy & the seditious crooks. Freedom of Speech doesn’t cover the targeted spreading of lying, propagandistic slogans. And Congress must use Inherent Contempt. The Sergeant-at-Arms can enlist any Federal Help needed to jail insurrectionists from their ranks in the cellar till they comply, and must secure the evidence they are hiding. The ~700 small-fry cases can be slow-walked, while we save our Democracy !!!
    We MUST break the Repugnithugs’ misuse of our courts for delay!

  3. I'm from Scotland, and I have a better understanding of American politics than most U.S Citizens. SAD……..but true..

  4. Is President Trump evil as Rachel & other media mobsters claim?
    People who don't know the LORD aren't familiar with HIS vessels. Do you know the LORD & study HIS word daily as HE directs us? Don't hide behind religion because you don't have to be religious to do as HE commands.

  5. The 2020 Presidential Election was Stolen. If there were no other proof. The fact that MSNBC is in overdrive to deny it with their loudest mouth Maddow, screeching about it 5 days a week. They sound like they did in the waning days of the Mueller probe!

  6. ohmyGod WI was supposed to be coolcalmcollected. now it looks like a Considerable segment of the population is surrendering to lies and brainwash. please use Critical Thinking, WI and we all pray for you

  7. Will The "Accountability" Be Enough Deaths By The trump Virus Covid 19, So The republican party Dies as well?

  8. Trump did not run a coup. He was trying to prevent a coup. Biden was not even properly inaugurated. The military is supposed to fly the new President into the inaugration event. Biden had to get his own transportation and half the soldiers along the route turned their backs on his motorcade. Congress has to have a fence around the most popular President ever? Biden is a disaster and is destroying the US and allowing China to take over the country with social credit score and eventually chipping us all. Sweden has gotten some stupid people to take the chip already.

  9. Don't these people realize how Anti-democratic they are being ? Don't they know that everything they are doing is treasonous? I thought these people were Americans? Aren't they?

  10. Oral oaths ain't enough! Every elected official should be forced to accept and sign an oath to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before entering office!

  11. this is typical of the democrats. it's an open secret that the supreme court is now "political". It's in on the republican scam. there is a terrible "stench" eminating from inside the beltway. and the DOJ is asleep at the wheel. recent experience proves nothing will ever change this.

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