1. ✓ The COVID-19 Therapeutic Answer

    ◦ The FDA received the Zyesami EUA (emergency use authorization) application 53 days ago.


    Zyesami stops the replication of the Covid virus and ALL variants, including the Delta and Lameda mutations.

    Zyesami stops the cytokine storm.


    Zyesami now manufactured at a 30 to 50 fold increase in amount produced and at a 90% decrease in manufacturing cost.


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    I have some good news to share with you. Today I followed The Legendary Warren Buffett advice, when it comes to stocks. He has often quoted buy when everyone in the Stockmarket is fearful and Sell when everyone is greedy 🙄

    Are now included in my list, which also include AMC ,GME, CLOV and of course my usual AAPL, TSLA, COIN & SPCE

    This is why the Stockmarket is down over 900 points and CNBC or anyone else isn't calling it a crash.
    Simply put, they are hard at work trying to defeat, the undefeatable and undisputable, yep you gest it 👍

    OG Reggie B .

  5. The SG and Fauci both told the world that masks do nothing to slow the spread of viruses, and that they give a false sense of security. That was their best information from years of studies. They later went back on what they said, to convince people that two weeks of wearing masks would stop this pandemic cold. A year and a half later they are saying the same old thing and we still have a “pandemic”.

    Why wasn’t the “flu” considered a pandemic, when it killed as many people every single year? Because the fact is that we live on a planet where viruses live and play a vital role in the overall health of every living being. People die, they do not live forever. People with weak immune systems die faster than those with healthy immune systems… this is a fact of life… and keeps our species strong by eliminating the weak and keeping them from reproducing. Those are cold, hard facts.

    Event 201, carried out in 2019, was a simulation to play out the pandemic before it even happened.

    In Trumps first year as president, Fauci said that he would experience a mass pandemic during his term in office… and sure enough it happened. The last pandemic the world saw was in 1918… so how did Fauci know, within a couple of years, exactly when the next one would occur… unless it was planned?

    Another fact is that Fauci helped fund the research that created covid-19. That Obama and Fauci were caught visiting the Wuhan lab in China to see their money at work and to check on progress.

    Another fact is that there is no long term testing that has been done on these mRNA changing vaccines. Also, independent studies are showing that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.

    There is a plan to reduce the human population on earth. Bill Gates has been pushing sterilization drugs to reduce the population for more than a decade. The Georgia Guide Stones state that the human population should be kept to less than 500 million, in perpetual balance with nature. Many ultra wealthy people have went on record stating that the earth is over populated and drastic measures should be taken immediately.

    Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030 are UN resolutions, under the guise of sustainable development, to create a one world government, one military, and to reduce the human population. Question: if everyone on earth chooses a one world government, then what is a military good for, who are they going to fight?

    There is a lot of information out there, and few so called journalists are putting the pieces together. Hopefully more and more people will pay attention to all of the facts and not fall for the propaganda?


    Are still very much under my influence and control as you all can plainly see from their performance.

    Now my Brother's and Sisters of all Nationalities, background and color.
    I'd like to address some of your concerns expressed to me in the comment sections.

    To begin with, many of you fear 😨 red days like today in the Stockmarket because of your miseducation about the stockmarket.

    So, first let me try and put you in the right frame of mind about how the Stockmarket really works.
    As we all know by now, it's manipulated only a daily basis and that's just a fact.

    With that said, understand this, it wouldn't work for them, without you guys as victims. So, stop being victimized and open your mind to new concepts about how the stockmarket really works.

    It all starts and stop with a False Narrative being promoted by the many online Trading Educators. They tell what to do and how to do it. After that, manipulating you and the Stockmarket is the easy part for them.

    If you really want to win in the Stockmarket, stop being lead to slaughter and re-educate yourself. Start by understanding what I'm expressing to you now.

    All successful traders are always on both sides of their trade hedging, in some form or another. So the next time you trade, you might want to consider my setup.

    I trade with options and invest with stocks.
    My option setup beings with a Delta 0.50 positive and a Delta -0.50 Negative. This puts me on both sides of my trade equally from the very start.
    Because the Deltas moves when the stock moves, one will eventually appreciate in value and the other will depreciate in value, thereby living you with one as a winner every time.
    Just remember, that real Day Traders are trading options, with one to three month expiration time. Not Day to Day, like the miseducators have taught most of you.

    Let today, be the beginning of you winning . A Red day, will pay like a Green Day when on both sides of the trade.
    Try it, before you knock it.

    Remember where you heard it first,
    OG Reggie B

  7. These other countries are suffering because of how they behave. I don't feel sorry for hatti. I hope Biden doesn't send troops there. I believe prime minister joseff is to blame. I don't think our troops should help them. They are bad over there

  8. Covering up is right but you must not be forced. Every woman must be given the freedom to make her choice to be veiled and covered. They are old enough, after age 26, to choose if they want to be that spiritual. At my age now, I believe that as a spiritual woman of God I should have covered up more, though I was quite covered up as a young girl. But I did not know what the dress code for spiritual people were. If you called by God to be holy, you must cover your body properly as a woman.

  9. Hooooooo I think those trillions of Dollars are going to dissappear. Biden and his thieving Dems are telling hogwash and lies. They want to to send that money to people who want to buy more children and women for human trafficking sex. That money may not even stay in America. Mark my words.

  10. You know, it does not feel nice or good to say things like this but it is always God who sends a draught. So this could be judgements from God. California has been a very wicked and sinful city.

  11. Cleanse the colon. And give blood cleanses with natural medicines like naturopathic and homeopathic medicines. People have got to be brought back to healthy diets. Here is a list of what to use:
    Cleansing of the blood:
    eight glasses of purified or mineral or boiled water a day
    Lemon, green apple, limes, celery, white grapes, cucumber, mint,
    marjoram, angelica, teasel, achinea, self heal,

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